Christmas Eve on a Plane

My mom’s house is closer to LAX, so we stayed there last night. I woke up bright and early this morning to take the dogs on a walk before heading to the airport. I also managed to get in 2.8 miles of running so I wouldn’t be too antsy on the four hour flight.

IMG 5540 thumb Christmas Eve on a Plane

The airport wasn’t as crazy as I thought it was going to be, but the line to check baggage was still pretty long. I decided to break into my breakfast while waiting. My mom bought my favorite yogurt for the trip. Merry Christmas to Me wlEmoticon smile35 Christmas Eve on a Plane

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When we got past security I searched out an iced coffee. There was no Starbucks in the terminal so I had to make my own iced coffee with a cup of ice and a hot cup o’ joe. It worked. I drank it with the rest of my breakfast – cereal and a banana. I call this yogurt bowl, very deconstructed.

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Christmas Eve at LAX! I was hoping for a Santa spotting, but no such luck. I guess he flies private?IMG 5548 thumb Christmas Eve on a Plane

We have a direct flight, so it will be a little over 4 hours to Florida. I’m glad we packed a lunch because the terminal options were slim. Even though I would have ditched this for Subway if I found one.

I packed PB&J, carrots and a Honeycrisp.  I already want to eat lunch. Why does traveling make me hungrier than usual?

IMG 5549 thumb Christmas Eve on a Plane

I have plenty of reading material on this trip. I just got my latest Fitness mag in the mail and haven’t finished my new Runner’s World yet.

IMG 5552 thumb Christmas Eve on a Plane

Even though, I am afraid I appeared a little pervy while looking at this ad in RW! It’s for Vibrams in case you were curious.

What kind of magazine is this?!

IMG 5551 thumb Christmas Eve on a Plane

Once we get to FL, Ben’s brother will sweep us off to his parents house for dinner and presents. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas yet. I better get in the spirit asap!


  1. says

    It is a very strange ad. I’ve seen it in multiple magazines now.

    Traveling always makes me hungrier too. I think because there is so much time spent waiting.

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