Merry Christmas Banana Bread


Merry Christmas! I celebrated Jesus’ birthday was a 9 mile run first thing. That’s the good thing about doing presents on Christmas eve – you have Christmas morning free to run! I was thinking about doing my long run today (yeah, 9 miles isn’t even my long run – running marathons changes how you look at things), but decided to postpone it a few days. I wasn’t sure what time … [Read more...]

A White Christmas


Since I’m Mexican, this this my first white Christmas! Do with that, what you will After a pain-less cross country flight we arrived at Ben’s family home in Florida. I have always felt comfy and at home here – love it! I’ve been looking forward to this visit almost as much as he has. We sleep in his childhood room. Now it’s all grown up! As soon as we dropped our bags we … [Read more...]