I’m Almost There


It’s still very windy here in Englewood, Fl! This mornings run was cold and the wind was on my face for the first half of it. I kept telling myself “I’m almost there. I’m almost there…” the whole time. Yeah, the thing is, I tried a new route today and I had no idea how long the route I tried really was! I ended up doing a loop that was just under 6 miles. Next time I’ll … [Read more...]

The Day After Christmas


The day after Christmas is usually anti-climactic. But not this year! Ben’s sister and brother-in-law (Julie and Brian) got us tickets to Busch Gardens for Christmas! Even though the weather report warned us that it was going to be cold we decided to go for it today. No time for exercise. Plenty of time for a banana with PB though We stopped for breakfast on the road. I … [Read more...]