I’m Almost There

It’s still very windy here in Englewood, Fl! This mornings run was cold and the wind was on my face for the first half of it. I kept telling myself “I’m almost there. I’m almost there…” the whole time.

Yeah, the thing is, I tried a new route today and I had no idea how long the route I tried really was!


I ended up doing a loop that was just under 6 miles. Next time I’ll know when it’s almost over for real.

When I got back I had a little bit of cereal before stretching. I usually avoid stretching at all costs, but my legs have been tight constantly and it’s starting to bug. I figured having a little food would give me more patience to stretch. It did.


The rest of breakfast was toast with PB and banana and a piece of cranberry bread. Some milk for protein and coffee for warmth.


Ollie is one of the family pets. Having animals around helps me feel at home Smile IMG_5652

Have a good day!


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    I’m awful at remembering to stretch. I even own a foam roller, which I never use. I know I should. I know it’s good for me, will help my body feel better, will help prevent injury, etc, etc, but it hurts and I’m lazy. hahahha

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    I am awful with stretching. I usually think the 20 min yoga session I do once a week is good enough but I know it’s not.
    PS- Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card! I just got it today. :)

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    Pb-banana toast and coffee! *drool*

    Interesting what you said about stretching. Why do you avoid it? I occasionally encounter someone who is dead set against is, which I’ve never really heard a convincing reason for. But I recently discovered that I had been making an injury worse by stretching too much. So now I am more wise to the fact that stretching does not always = good..

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