The Wind Won


I ran to the beach from Ben’s mom and dad’s house today. It’s exactly 5 miles according to my little Garmino. Englewood is on the West coast of Florida, so the sun rise is still coming from the other side of the world, like I’m used to from California morning runs   I love the beach and I love being within “running distance” to it twice as much! It’s still super … [Read more...]

Trampoline Time


How do you prepare for an afternoon of trampoline jumping? My best advice would be: “With some light stretching.” My worst advice would be: “With a big lunch!” Oh well, I never said I was Dr.Phil (or someone who gives advice about trampolines). Ben and I went to Publix before heading to his sister and brother-in-law’s. Then it was time to JUMP! First, our nephews, Owen … [Read more...]