Trampoline Time

How do you prepare for an afternoon of trampoline jumping?

My best advice would be: “With some light stretching.”

My worst advice would be: “With a big lunch!”

Oh well, I never said I was Dr.Phil (or someone who gives advice about trampolines). Ben and I went to Publix before heading to his sister and brother-in-law’s.


Then it was time to JUMP!

First, our nephews, Owen and Atticus, got a chance.IMG_5664

Next, I gave it a whirl.


Hi-ya! A hurdler Smile 


Ben can do flips, but they make me nervous.


Perfectly upside down!


I had some grapes mid-afternoon for a snack.

It is Atticus’ 3rd birthday and we celebrated with his favorite food – Pizza. IMG_5658Yours and mine both kid. Yours and mine both…


I had 2 BIG mushroom and peppers slices. I love pizza. So glad I don’t fight it anymore.IMG_5680

A little dessert…


Then, back at home base – a little more dessert Smile That health bar ice cream is amazing.


Now Ben and I are cuddling up watching old episodes of Arrested Development. We’ve been having a blast and a ton of relaxation in FL so far. But, tomorrow I’ll try to be slightly productive and catch up on emails and things.

Good night Smile


  1. says

    What a fun day! I love pizza, too. I can’t imagine life without it now…but there was definitely a time when I didn’t eat it. Enjoy your downtime. :)

  2. says

    No net on the trampoline!? Yikes. That would make me really nervous; especially with Ben doing flips. I guess I’m a nervous nelly.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in Florida!

  3. says

    Thanks to my childhood skill of breaking arms (each one twice!), I am scared of jumping on trampolines because I’m afraid I’ll fall!

    I’ve also decided it is unfair that you live in sunny Cali and get to visit the in-laws in sunny Florida. I want. I’m moving to Irvine and working at one of their many 24 HR Fitness clubs. I am.

  4. says

    That’s so funny, I always wanted to name my kid Atticus! To Kill a Mockingbird is SUCH a great book, he was certainly named after an admirable character!

  5. says

    A friend of mine in Seattle went to a few sessions of some sort of “trampoline workout” class. It was a workout on the trampoline! She said it was fun.

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