2010 Highs and Lows

2010 was full of highs and lows for me. Luckily,  it was a lot more highs than lows and I’m very grateful for every experience.

Here’s a quick recap of my 2010 highs and lows…

January 2010  Low: Another one of the many posts where I express my distain for the cold – The C Wordmonica is too cold

High: The Walt Disney Marathon! Which can also be considered a low because of the bitter cold. monica castle

February 2010  Low: I injured myself at the Disney Marathon, was diagnosed with ITB syndrome and told not to run for 8 weeks.

High: Vegas Bachelorette Party.las vegas with susan (here’s where I forget I’m doing a high-low post and only see the good Smile)

March 2010: High: Visiting the DC Zoo

April: Um, nothing amazing to report I guess?

May 2010: High: I went to Ben’s yearly college reunion. Yes, they do it every year. Rare, but it’s super fun!princeton pic

June 2010: I moved back to California!

July 2010: My marathon training was going well Smile before run with dogs

August 2010: Running 16 miles in Chicago with my blog friends!sixteen in chicago

September 2010: High and Low in the same post! The day I got stung by a jelly fish, but I was in Curacao, so I can’t complain.curacao

October 2010: I ran the Long Beach Marathon.running long beach marathon

November 2010: I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge. GG bridge

best of 2010

Sometimes Ben and I talk about our high point and low point of the day over dinner. I like it because our low points are mostly learning experiences and it’s a good conversation starter in general Smile

Question: What was your high point of the year? Low point?


  1. says

    great post. it’s awesome that you had many more highs than lows. my high point? do i have to pick just one? hahah. 2010 was a really great year but my ultimate high was accepting my first “real world” job. and graduating college. but those happened around the same time so i’ll consider it one. running wise it was my entire fall.

    low? hmmmmm being injured. that sucked. as did studying for the MCAT all summer long.

  2. says

    High point…I don’t have any regrets – it was/is a great year!
    Low point…There also aren’t any “zomigoodness! awesome!” points either.

    Things were good, even great, but not pee-yourself-fantastic. No pain, no gain is apparently very true! I’ll have to man up and take on 2011 full blast!

  3. says

    High=watching the Marathon movie and falling in love with running…yes I was inspired by the movie, I still watch it when I need a little Rocky motivation
    Low=being poor since I decided to cut my hours and work from home to be with my son
    High=having the time to spend with my son
    High=finding out you don’t have to be rich to run – its actually pretty cheap
    Low=Grandpa passing away :( …miss you…RIP
    High=finding your blog! Thanks for all of your fun posts!

  4. says

    Great post! I am happy that overall you had a wonderful year and wish you the best in 2011 :)

    High – Starting up my private practice and online website. It has been quite the learning curve…haha!
    Low- “Leaning to trust my gut” If you have a gut instinct about something you should follow it!

  5. says

    Thanks for this post, it’s kind of nice to think about the year in these terms and you had some really great highs!!!!

    For me:

    Highs: Getting into shape and making excercise part of my everyday life, running 5 miles for the first timer ever!!, wearing a two piece bathing suit for the first time ever (well, since I was 10). I’m still a long way from bikini material but I guess another high was having the confidence in myself to pull all these things off. Another high – watching my son develop more and more, he is the cutest and most articulate 3 year old I know even if I am a little biased :)

    Lows: Losing my grandmother a few weeks ago – the toughest thing I have ever experienced and still continues to make me burst into tears on a daily basis. Nothing else seems like a low compared to this :(

  6. says

    I am curently suffering through a MD winter right now…blah!

    I play the high and lows with my kids at dinner…their answeres are always so funny:)

  7. Marcie says

    I love your blog. I ran across accidently and just LOVE that there is someone else out there like me who tries to find balance w/ food & exercise etc. Intuitive Eating was an interesting concept, I thought wow, when was the last time I had hunger pains. You were added to my favorite blogs to visit on a weekly basis.
    High Point: Having a Major Bday and celebrating w/ friends
    Low Point: Gaining back all the weight I had lost

  8. says

    My high was my Las Vegas trip with my best friend this past summer. My low was the result of that trip. Plantar facitis and weight gain that I’m still working off.

  9. says

    You look WAY too happy in that Disney Marathon picture! I was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E the entire time…I seriously don’t think I smiled ONCE during that thing! (But you bet I was smiling ear to ear when I crossed the finish line!)

  10. says

    Sorry about your ITB…that would be my low point of 2010 too. I am still trying to heal from that stupid injury. My high would have to be running the Hood to Coast Relay!

  11. says

    Great year! I love that there’s a focus on the “highs.”

    This was the year of running for me. In January 2010, my longest distance ever was 4 miles. In the same year, I completed a marathon. The coming of winter is quite a low point, though! I need to come to Cali.

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