I am Ruined

My mother-in-law has the best toppings for salads! I always make a bed of greens and top it with things like coleslaw, potato salad and other goodies. I am ruined from having my usual boring salads at home.


I’m also ruined from being able to go for more than 2 hours without candy. Brian (my brother-in-law) and I were joking that there is candy EVERYWHERE and we can’t stop from eating it.


I totally forgot I wanted one of these until I spotted it at the store today! Santa, I know it’s far off but, I want a soda stream next Christmas. Please. I’ll be good.


Ben and I took a little trip to the mall with his sister and brother-in-law. We made a pit stop at the ‘bucks for some refreshment.


Ben attempted the Hurricane machine. It’s basically a tube that shoots 80 mph winds at you. It’s supposed to simulate a hurricane…


But Ben said it was less intense than sticking your arm out the window on the freeway. Ha, you can see me in the reflection.


I got a vest and sunglasses at Old Navy for under 10 bucks. At first I wasn’t sure if the look worked, so I tried it on in the store. And even after confirming that it doesn’t work, I still bought it. Hmm.


We had a fish fry for dinner! Ben’s dad is a great fisherman and caught this stuff before we got here. He fillets and cooks them himself too. It’s delicious. I’m ruined from having frozen fish sticks after this meal.IMG_5729

I put my fish and a big hushpuppy on a bed of salad and had a squishy white roll on the side. For salad dressing I used copious amounts of fresh guacamole. This meal was like my Heaven. Fish, guacamole, hushpuppies?! Amazing. IMG_5731

I am absolutely ruined from eating any other ice cream besides Health bar crunch. This stuff is addictive.


I’m still in major sugar craving mode so I’m going to try and have some tea to calm it down.

See ya guys in the morning Smile


  1. says

    Haha I saw that hurricane machine in the mall the other day and totally wanted to try it but my boyfriend convinced me that it would spray water (silly me for believing him!). Oh my gosh any ice cream with caramel and toffee is so dangerous!

  2. says

    I saw one of those hurricane do-dads in our mall the other day. There were small children playing in it – they were having a blast.

    And it looks like you are getting more entertainment out of it then Ben is… 😉

    Oh, and Heath Bar Crunch…sounds phenomenal! Yum!

  3. Holly says

    A. Those ON vests are SO great for running! If nothing else, try it out on a run if you ever need a little warmth in CA.
    B. I see fish on your plate; are you a pescatarian?

  4. says

    I put that toffee chocolate bar in my mom’s stocking! She absolutely loved it. And mmm… fish! My dad loves to cook the fish he catches. He used to fry it, but recently got into breading it with cornmeal or Fiber One and then baking it. The man is learning :)

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