It’s Different Here

It’s not just that I’m from California and Ben’s family is in Florida – there are many reasons why visiting here feels different from home.


It’s not just the constant fear that an alligator will dart from the swamp I run by and grab me for breakfast…IMG_5608

or the fact that the cost of living is so much lower than SoCal, Ben and I can only dream of owning a home with so much land.


It’s also that Ben’s dad is an artist and his mom helps with the business. So, there is never anyone rushing off to work. They’re artsy, hippie people Winking smile


He paints Florida wildlife for a living. I feel like people are only painters for “real” in the movies. He’s living the dream.

This place is a lot more laid back versus our “real life”. There’s beautiful artwork on all the walls of the house. And life in general seems to move slower Smile 


It’s very nice. IMG_5631

I was able to avoid being alligator food and went for a 5 miler this morning. When I got back I tried this new yogurt – Carrot Cake flavor. No, it didn’t taste like carrot cake. I even had Ben do a blind taste test. Sorry.IMG_5738

I made a massive cereal bowl with yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal, banana and PB.


With some coffee because it’s important to slowly sip a cup of coffee on lazy mornings in a sleepy art town…IMG_5737

But, since having things too slow makes me antsy I started acting silly. I did a couple of planks after my run and then decided to use a rolling chair to do a walking plank. Genius or Tragic? You decide.

Monica walking plank with a chair

Question: Are you good at art?



  1. says

    I miss Florida so much. *sigh* And what is this?!?!? Publix has Carrot Cake yogurt now??!?! WTF!?????????? D@mn you publix, where was that when I lived there?!?!? LOL! :) I’m glad you’re having a great time on holiday girl, live it up for me!

  2. Jen says

    How do you handle different eating habits in other’s homes? Do your in-laws eat the foods you eat? I worry about making special requests, but sometimes I find myself without healthy food and wonder if it is rude to ask to make something different for myself. What do you think?

    • says

      Yeah. The first time I visited Ben’s fam I was full on vegetarian and they are BIG meat eaters. Like, every meal has red meat – not even just chicken or fish. They eat very differently from how I do at home.

      My first few visits raised a lot of eyebrows when I would just eat the side dishes. Not that the sides are healthy – they are full of full fat mayo and cheese. ALL OF THEM.

      But, now I make special requests when I want to by asking, “What is in that?” and asking if I could have some without meat or something. I also make a trip to the store when I get here and stock up their fridge with veggie burgers so I can eat the side dishes with a veggie burger as my protein.

      It’s not rude if you do it in a polite way. No one wants you to come to their house and go hungry, so I think they’d rather know what you need.

      I have to add – I let my eating “slip” when I’m here and don’t worry about it as much as I used to. I’m on “vacation mode” so it’s not the end of the world if I am eating less clean than normal.

  3. says

    Monica, your in-laws house/ backyard looks beautiful. Yeah, when I was in Florida I worried about the alligators too–there are really a ton of them there. Where in Florida are you? I was staying on Sanibel Island and it was pretty warm there–mid 60s to 70s every day and sunny. Then again, we left on the 26th and I think there was a cold front coming in…

  4. says

    I think it’s cute that you have hippe in-laws! I had to do the walking plank on a ball in PT! you dont want to know how many times I fell off!

  5. says

    It seems nice there! Definitely beautiful scenery and I’m sure its nice to have a change of scenery for your morning runs. I think that is the best part about running on vacation.

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