Good From Far

Ever heard the term, “It’s good from far, but far from good.”? Well, that is kind of my day. My eats all look good from far…


but are far from “good” in the healthy sense of the word. In case you were wondering, Ben and I split a 6 inch tuna sub as an afternoon snack. I guess there are worse things.


We also went on a mission for supplies to make a pool heater. Yes, Ben attempted to actually build a machine to heat the pool water. He is either crazy or a genius. I’d like to think the latter since I married him and all.

I guess you can chalk this idea up to being good from far?


There was a little bit of fish from the fish fry leftover for dinner! Yes! This is all good.


I made a scramble to go with my salad and fish. It looks like a mess, but it was delicious.


Fact: It is unethical to skip dessert while you’re on vacation. Okay, maybe not unethical, but it’s no fun Smile


God help my aching ovaries. This kid is too cute.


See ya in the  morning!


  1. says

    I’m sure it will work, based on my understanding of how all that stuff works, but it might take a very long time, and a few tanks of propane. hahahaha.

  2. says

    i love to read your blog, it makes me feel like we are in school again and i get to hear your funny ways of thinking, laughing all day, love it. So when is your next marathon, time to pop out those kids :)

  3. Glenn Jones says

    That contraption that Ben built -we had the same thing when I used to backpack. Stick the coils in the campfire and instant hot water for washing! He’s a genius I think.

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