Milk Toast At Midnight


A quick hello because my 2011 resolutions post is taking longer than expected. I guess I need a lot of work Lunch was solo because everyone else went fishing. I made a veggie burger wrap with loads of hummus, pickles and lettuce. with a Chobani and carrots… eaten poolside Ahhhhh, Florida. I’m going to miss this when I get home. Not that California weather is that much … [Read more...]

Side By Side


Ben and I went on a walk this morning. I needed a rest day from running and he wasn’t too hung over from last night’s festivities so we headed toward my favorite place – Dunkin Donuts! It’s just under 2 miles from his parents which makes for a great stroll   Doesn’t this picture make it look like DD is Heavenly? Because it is. All I wanted was an iced coffee, but I … [Read more...]

Off To Orlando!


Sorry I was MIA today! I was on a mission to Orlando. But, first I did a chilly run to breakfast. I ran to the restaurant where Ben’s dad has his weekly artist breakfast and they wanted to see us since we’re not around often. I’m not positive how far it was since my Garmin died at the beginning of the run. I got Eggs Benedict and ditched the ham, sauce on the side. I also … [Read more...]