Feeling Fast


Some mornings I wake up feeling fat. Today I woke up feeling fast I was going to do a tempo run tomorrow, but decided to do it today since I felt good. I’m glad I did –my last tempo mile was 7:54! I don’t think I’ve ever ran a mile that fast before!! Yesterday I stopped at the store for juice. I feel like  I’m getting sick and OJ and extra sleep always help me shake it. … [Read more...]

Easy Mexican. Tortilla Soup.


I’ve been accused of being easy and I’ve been accused of being Mexican. Technically, both of those are true. Proof: I’m representing my Hispanic heritage here… and here, I’m dressed like a little hussy. I can’t believe my mom let me go out of the house like that! Anyways, I am all about easy, healthy recipes. If there’s a spice I don’t have in my pantry or if I have to chop … [Read more...]

Back On The Bike


It’s been almost a year since I rode my bike! I think the last time I went was in March when we were in Maryland. (I love that I can look back on things I’ve done via the blog.) Honestly, I’ve always been really bad at bike riding. I’m shaky and paranoid and just not good overall. So, I was scared that I forgot how to ride my bike Luckily, Ben was patient and we started off … [Read more...]

Guacamole and Dirty Hair, But not Guac in your hair


After the Salonpas event this morning I stopped by my mom’s on the way home. She lives a bit north of me, so it was on the way When I got there I raided her fridge, per usual. I made a random bowl of green beans, chicken, beans salsa and GUACAMOLE. I also spent some time blogging and making love to this ridiculously huge bowl of guacamole. We don’t mess around. Her avocado … [Read more...]

Be Fit and Pain Free Event


Hello! I was scheduled to do some kind of work out at the event I attended this morning, but I wasn’t sure what. So, I fueled up with an egg sandwich before heading out. The inside had laughing cow cheese and polka dot ketchup   Plus a jug of iced coffee for the long drive to LA! I keep forgetting I live in Orange County until I try to go somewhere in Los Angeles and … [Read more...]

Not Funny


I very recently got off hormonal BC to try and attempt the Lady Comp (for those that don’t know it’s a natural method that tracks your body temp). After years and years of BC, where I went years without seeing my little friend, getting my period again is a whole new (and highly unwelcomed) world. I seriously hadn’t had it in so long I needed “the talk” again. So, all this … [Read more...]

Making Peace With Food


It’s been less than a month that I started eating chicken again. But in this short time I have made huge strides with Intuitive Eating! Eating more protein has really helped me be aware of my hunger and fullness. Also, now that I have meat on my radar I’ve been having cravings for random things. Like today I had a crazy need to eat hard boiled eggs! So, I made a batch and had … [Read more...]

Feed Me Friday


And by feed me I mean, “Give me a drink!” I didn’t realize, but I’m going to miss my usual long run day because of an event I’m attending tomorrow morning. So, I had to do 8  miles this morning (I have another half marathon next weekend!).  This is probably one of my last shorter long runs before I start training for my next marathon!!! It’s hot here! This is … [Read more...]

Thai Food At Home


Ben and I share a deep, passionate love… for Thai food But I have always thought I couldn’t cook it. I’m not familiar with the usual spices in Thai cuisine so I stick to restaurants. Well, that was until I attempted Tom Kha Gai for the Project Food Blog thing. (It’s a totally easy recipe if you wanna try Thai.) Tonight I was super close to stopping by our favorite Thai place … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday– Taco Stuffers


I am writing this as I eat a Deep Chocolate Vitatop, but at least I had a healthy and balanced lunch first! Now it’s time for some confessions: Confession #1: I didn’t have a lot of tofu in my leftover stirfry… …so what it lacked in soy protein I made up for in fat via peanuts! Sometimes a “sprinkle” gets confused with a “man handful”. Confession #2: I do not like baby … [Read more...]

Jogger Warning


Today Ben and I did Day 2 / Week 2 of his C25K training. I felt happy to have a running partner this morning because a jogger was attacked Tuesday night around my neighborhood. Local warning: A female jogger was pushed into the bushes on Alicia Parkway in Laguna Hills around 7pm. If you want the full story or to see a sketch of the attacker please click here. Just a … [Read more...]

I like food a lot. I like a lot of food.


Despite my heavy lunch I got hungry 2 hours later. Lame. So, I made some tacos. PB&J Tacos to be exact. I took many mini pitas, heated them and slathered them in ridic amounts of peanut butter and jelly. Yeah I did. I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner. I had some thawed ground turkey that was supposed to be the main event and decided to make Shepherd’s Pie. The first … [Read more...]

Not My Cat


I found a cat that is NOT mine, but looks like Vegas’ twin in our patio today!!! My cat: Not my cat: That other cat caught my eye while Vegas was innocently sleeping on Ben’s his chair. This situation does make for some crazy wrong-cat-in-the-house switcharoo a la the crazy antics of I Love Lucy! Ben forget his wallet and cell phone at home and emailed me to bring … [Read more...]

An Ounce of Tempo


For my last 4 training plans I have written speed work and tempo runs into it, but NEVER end up doing them. I don’t like feeling uncomfortable speed repeats. But today I set out for a tempo run. It was rough because I’m not used to huffing and puffing on a run. I almost wanted to explain to passersby that I was not in fact dying, but trying to run faster. I’m sure that would … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Tuesday 1


One of the questions I get a lot is, “What are your Trader Joe’s must haves?” Luckily, I consider myself a professional shopper of sorts and TJ’s is my favorite! I met Joe in college right about the time I turned vegetarian. We have grown together through my exploration of veganism, chocolatism, lunch break shopping trips, pit stops after therapy appointments (ironically, … [Read more...]