Back from the Dead

I wanted to name this post Deadication, but I already did that the last time I was in Vegas. Well, yesterday’s dead feeling was brought on by vodka and 2 hours of sleep. I was a tragedy yesterday because I got really sick Sad smile

After yesterday’s post I took some IB and a very long nap (during which I had 2 bad dreams). I just felt horrible overall, but didn’t have any more stomach problems. I was super weak and nauseous but since I didn’t think I was going to throw up decided to eat some soup and toast.


Then I watched Jersey Shore for a few hours. I was pretty much dead to the world all day. Dinner was Activia and Cheerios. Then, I went to sleep for 10 hours.


This morning I woke up feeling a lot better. I don’t think I’m 100% back to normal, but I feel 100% better – does that make sense?

I did one last run around the loop here. I hope it’ll last me for a few months until we get back here Smile

And came back to a massive green smoothie.


And some PB & AB (apple butter) toast. *I was supposed to start Body For Life yesterday, but that has been postponed because of the plague that hit me. We don’t have groceries at home and are getting home at midnight, but I’m hoping to start tomorrow.


The view from Ben’s balcony Smile


Now we’re packing up to head back to California!


See you later!


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    Glad you’re feeling better than you were yesterday. I hope Ben’s feeling better, too, for your guys’ sake, and the people near you on the airplane. =)

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    I watched a Jersey Shore marathon when I was in labor (in my defense, I had a very long labor and it took my mind off things!). I’m glad you’re feeling better!

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    Sorry to hear you were sick : P glad you are better today, green monster smoothies help! Good that you started the day with one!

    Have a safe trip back to the west coast!

    Happy New Year! xoxo

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    Feel better soon!!

    Btw- I started BFL yesterday – hopefully going not too shabbily but it’s only been like 2 days lol. Am trying to blog my way through it as well :)

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