Body For Life Day 1


Okay, after the trial and tribulations of sickness and traveling this is my first day on Body For Life. It’s going to be a challenge since I don’t have any groceries and am out all day taking a CPR class, but I cannot postpone this any longer! I’ll be posting weight updates on my Weight loss page. I know some of you come to RER for my random BS and some of you come for weight … [Read more...]



When Ben works too much he says, “I’ve been sipping on the work-a-hol”. Today I wanted to sip on the blogahol and got anxious when I realized I couldn’t.  I only blogged once yesterday (because I was sick), will only blog once today (because I’m traveling) and haven’t been able to read any blogs for about 3 days! Okay, I realize none of this is the end of the world. I am a … [Read more...]