When Ben works too much he says, “I’ve been sipping on the work-a-hol”. Today I wanted to sip on the blogahol and got anxious when I realized I couldn’t.  I only blogged once yesterday (because I was sick), will only blog once today (because I’m traveling) and haven’t been able to read any blogs for about 3 days! Okay, I realize none of this is the end of the world. I am a (somewhat) stable girl and understand the sky is not falling (lets also hope things are not falling from the sky as I’m currently typing from 30,000 feet up).

But the fact that I don’t have access to the internet, and therefore, don’t have access to the blog world a little unsettling.

When I realized my blog neglect I stood up on our flight and screamed, “I need a drink!!!” – but instead of “drink” I mean “blog”. And instead of “stood up and screamed” I mean drove myself crazy in my head quietly.

My name is Monica, and I am a blogaholic.

Luckily my blogaholism is the only illness I have as I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. I am still not back up to full speed, but I’m also able to hold my head up without the aid of a chair back and pillow.

It took us a while to get packed up since we made ourselves very comfortable (read: scattered all out belonging around like we were trying to make the place look like an episode of Hoarders). Plus we had to try and squeeze in all our Christmas presents (we were unsuccessful at this task and Ben’s mom will ship our gifts). But we did manage to get to the airport on time and are on our way to California.

We got subs at the airport. I am not a fan of Quiznos since I worked next door to one for two years during my Starbucks Barista years, but it was the only option in our terminal. IMG_5925

And I also picked up a few trashy mags and a few not so trashy bars! IMG_5928

Updated to add: I couldn’t turn down a little bag of whole wheat pita chips for some snackage. Next time I’m bringing hummus!IMG_5933

I am supposed to take my CPR class tomorrow, but I have no clue where it is (see why I need the internet!). I’m hoping for a smooth ride home and an easy early wake-up call tomorrow.

Ben and I are exhausted from yesterday’s “either we’re dying or have a really bad 24 hour flu” issue. Ugh. I just want to be home and comfy again. My whole body aches. IMG_5931

See ya later!


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    Hi! Hope by the time you read this comment you are home and safe!

    Its good to be a blogaholic! I love to read your blog and I know so many others do too! xo

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    Okay, so blogaholism is rampant… I suffer too. I know of a blogger who just checks in on other people’s blogs twice per week. She’s my idol. I can’t do it. I get up an hour early every day so I can read blogs for an hour before going to work. And I do it for an hour every night…

    I’d love to do it less, but there are so many people to check in on.

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    I’m a blogaholic too, maybe there should be a support group? I think you have to want to get better first, so maybe it’s not for me :)

    Those Gnu bars are fiber bombs, I’m impressed that you’re brave enough to dare to eat one while traveling and only have intermittent access to bathrooms 😛

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    One of the only things I like about flying is using it as an excuse to buy trashy magazines.

    I think I’d like Quiznos better if I would add things like cucumbers and spinach.

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