Grocery Haul


I finally made it to the store! Actually, I still need 1 or 4 small things from the “normal” grocery store, but I got a ton of stuff at Costco today. One of the negatives about eating meat is the cost – I spent a lot more than I normally do because I bought things I don’t normally get like chicken, chicken sausages and ground turkey.  While Ben does eat meat, in the past I … [Read more...]

Playing Kids


Ben and I already “play house” since we live together and all, but sometimes we talk about how our day to day would be different if we had kids. We’re “playing kid” until Thursday because Matt (my little brother)  is staying with us since my mom and dad went to Las Vegas. Since we have a kid to take care of I had to run before Ben went to work. I only had time for 4 … [Read more...]

CPR Certified


Feel free to collapse in front of me at any time, because I am now CPR Certified! I was MIA all day because I had an all day First Aid and CPR class with the Red Cross. I am going to take the Personal Training exam within the next few months (it was postponed because I was busy with school) and need to be certified before I can take it. I wasn’t sure what the lunch … [Read more...]