CPR Certified

Feel free to collapse in front of me at any time, because I am now CPR Certified!
I was MIA all day because I had an all day First Aid and CPR class with the Red Cross. I am going to take the Personal Training exam within the next few months (it was postponed because I was busy with school) and need to be certified before I can take it.


I wasn’t sure what the lunch situation would be so I packed one. Luckily, my mom shoved some turkey in my hand before Ben and I drove home late last night. (After they picked us up from the airport we got our car and had to drive home.) I was completely out of food so this, and some old carrots were the only things I had!


My mom also gave me her last pineapple Chobani. She must love me.


I thought I grabbed a spoon on the way out, but accidentally got a fork! Boo. Luckily, my lunchbox has a spoon and fork on it’s key chain. Saved! I couldn’t imagine disgracing pineapple Chob with a fork.


After lunch I headed back to class…


In addition to CPR, we learned some basic first aid. I am keeping this on to show off my wound. You have no idea how weird my partner looked at me when I asked him to take this picture. I should be ashamed.


During my lunchtime errands I picked up this Pinata apple! Ole! I’ve never had a pinata before, but knew I should try it. Te amo. I paired it with a few bites of a protein bar to try and keep it a little BFL style.


Even though I’m feeling 100x better, my stomach still hurts after I eat – EVERY TIME Sad smile I don’t know what to do. I’m still getting hungry like normal (which is all the time), but as soon as I eat my stomach kills me. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I’ve taken Tums and Pepto pills, but they aren’t making a difference.

Dinner was super random, but I still haven’t had the chance to get perishable groceries. I got a few shelf staples during lunch, but knew I couldn’t keep anything in the car for long.

I threw the only veggie I own – frozen broccoli and more leftover turkey in the microwave and then topped it with light Ranch. Light Ranch is no hummus, but it was good! I also had some of Ben’s quesadilla.


Then, my stomach started to hurt again. And we had to drive to my Nina and Nino’s to pick up Matt for my mom. It’s been a very long last few days, but I’m very happy to be home.

Tomorrow I should be back to normal in terms of blogging and life in CA. I’ll be up on email and stuff by end of day. Promise.

Have a good one Smile


  1. says

    after a terrible stomach issue, i’d suggest taking it very easy on your stomach, be kind, it’ll fix itself soon.

    i love the look on peoples faces when you ask them to take a picture for me, then you’ve got to explain the blog.
    oh & another funny one is when your taking food pictures & people ask if you want a picture taken of you & your friend. weird but happens to me all the time

  2. says

    I just got CPR certified last month because of the same reason too! Im looking to either do the group fitness certification or personal trainer!

    Glad you got it done! Hope you feel better today! : )

  3. says

    Ive let this lapse (I think it expired a few months ago?) and Im the NERDMOM who feels she needs to have it.

    thanks for the reminder and *feel better*

  4. says

    Yay for being CPR certified! I just got mine last month! I really didn’t think the class would be so involved but its a good thing it is I suppose.

    Hmmm, it sounds like your stomach is still working itself out. I would suggest cutting back on the fiber and veggies. I know it sounds odd, but our stomachs have such a harder time digesting and breaking down fibrous foods. Try white carbs and soft foods for another day or so. When I was recovering from my last Colitis attack , the doc had to put me on a low residue diet for a month. I would suggest looking up this up and seeing what types of foods it says to avoid, if you notice that your stomach hurts after you’ve been eating them, try to cut back a little longer.

  5. says

    you are too cute, monica :)

    hope your stomach issues start to resolve themselves! that’s not fun…and it definitely doesn’t make eating fun :/


  6. says

    Have you tried taking Pepto before you eat, to see if you can stop it before it even starts to hurt? Stomach issues are the worst!

    Congrats on the CPR stuff!

  7. says

    Mazel on the CPR certs! I am confused… are you doing the BFL eating program or BFL exercise program? (I thought there was way more strength training involved.) Or both?

  8. says

    sorry about your stomach, hope it starts feeling better soon!!

    that little spoon and fork crack me up, especially the fork! :) you should’ve asked the guy in your class to take a picture of you with those–then he really would’ve thought you were odd! 😉

    • says

      I know, isn’t it the weirdest looking fork too?! You should have seen the way he looked at me when I asked him to take the pic – I was embarrassed, but oh well.

  9. Sarah W. says

    congrats on the certification!

    yay for chobani & chicken!!! – I get my chobani from Costco – LOOOVE IT!

    got Peruvian Chicken from a place near our house yesterday. my husband was ecstatic b/c he LOVES peruvian chicken. I was ecstatic because I successfully put off a grocery trip (its been 2 weeks so we really need to go), AND I didnt have to cook, AND my meal was BFL style!!whoop whoop

  10. Christy says

    After I had food poisoning the same thing happened to me – my tummy hurt every time I ate. After a few days it settled down. Maybe there is some residual bug in there and eating aggravates it? Hang in there!

  11. s says

    i had that same stomach issue around christmas. i ended up eating less and eating less fiber-ful things (bananas excepted). i ate a lot of rice and chicken stew, and cut back on my favorite fibery things like oatmeal and chili. i hope you feel better soon!

  12. says

    I had this exact same issue. Nothing worked. I just had to wait it out. Saturday and Sunday were the worst days for me, then Monday and Tuesday were recovery days where I was hungry but my stomach hurt afterward. Finally today I feel pretty much back to normal.

  13. says

    Youre braver than I…I’m CPR certified and I get so nervous that someone might actually need me to use my skills!!! Did they teach you about difibrillators? Its god to finally know what that strange box is in my gym 😛

    • says

      He briefly went over it because someone asked, but it wasn’t part of the class. They do offer another class that teaches it though. The instructor said it was vital to keeping someone in Cardiac Arrest alive and you should try to use it if in situation where you had one.

  14. says

    I had the same problem. I got the flu on Christmas day and it took about a week for my tummy to feel normal again. Just take it easy when you eat. Use the BRAT method (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) and wait it out.
    It really put my intuitive eating skills to work. Ha!
    I’m the only person I know who LOST weight over the holidays.
    Feel better!

  15. says

    Hey Monica – Happy New Year!

    I had the EXACT same thing over the holiday. Both me, my boyfriend, AND my dad got sick on the same night. A week later another friend of ours got it. I definitely think there’s something going around. I had the same issues with feeling sick/stomach pains for a few days after it hit. I just took it easy and ate what my body was craving (mostly toast and bagels with peanut butter), and eventually it cleared up. I found that drinking Alka-Seltzer before meals really settled my stomach and helped me with eating food, so you could try that as an option.

    Also, I’m pumped that you’re trying BFL! I was also thinking about doing it sometime this year but I’m not sure if I want to commit yet. So I’ll be following you to hear about your experiences!

    Hope you feel better soon (and congrats on your CPR cert!)


  16. KDBaker says

    First, I am ALWAYS CPR/FA certified for my job in a gym with kids…but I do NOT recommend collapsing in front of me…I have a feeling I would not be good in an emergency situation…luckily my work friend lives for saving lives and is an EMT and she is always around in case something really goes wrong :)

    Secondly, I just had a rotten stomach bug over Christmas and my stomach hurt whenever I ate for at least a week after even though I felt normal in all other ways. It is finally gone but definitely took some time for my stomach to feel better.

    Hope it passes soon!

  17. says

    Hey lady! Loyal reader here but I almost never comment (sorry bout that).

    I had food poisoning a while back and it left a lot of residual effects behind. Many of which were the stomach pain after eating. Fast forward a couple years (don’t know why I dealt with it for so long) I was tested and turned out I had h. pylori!!! I’m not saying you have it, but if it doesn’t go away within about a month go get checked, k??

  18. says

    Hey lady! Loyal reader here but I almost never comment (sorry bout that).

    I had food poisoning a while back and it left a lot of residual effects behind. Many of which were the stomach pain after eating. Fast forward a couple years (don’t know why I dealt with it for so long) I was tested and turned out I had h. pylori!!! I’m not saying you have it, but if it doesn’t go away within about a month go get checked, k??

    Love the funky fork btw, it doesn’t look very easy to use though…

  19. says

    Hey lady!! Loyal reader here but I never comment, sorry bout that!

    Just wanted to say that I got food poisoning a few years back and while I recovered within a few days, the residual effects were long lasting. I had stomach pain after eating for so long and up until recently, I never thought too much of it. After some initial testing, I discovered I had h. pylori! Horrible, horrible bug and the anitbiotics were killer!

    Not trying to scare you but if it keeps on bugging you get checked soon, K?

  20. Marcee/CHICAGO says

    One more congrats Monica … way good for ya!! Years ago, when I worked at the Chicago Heart Association …. all employees were gently asked to do this program. To know CPR …. just in case. Not everyone was agreeable. Today, most likely I would know how to react in a dangerous situation ….. hopefully. Regarding your tummy owies …. do you have an intolerance for gluten? If (all) this pain is something new/recent, it would be wise to check out everything that could be causing the pain/uncomfortableness. Get better M! Keep us posted!

  21. says

    I had the exact same problem about 5 days ago! My appetite wasn’t wonky, but everytime I ate something I had really sharp pains in my upper stomach. Luckily, the pains subsided about 3 days after they began, but it was weird. Hope you feel better soon!

  22. Allie Shaffer says

    I have the same stomach problems! I went to the doctor and they told me to take a probiotic to get some good bacteria back in my stomach and what not. It has been helping a lot!

  23. says

    Hopefully the stomach thing resolves quickly. I hope you haven’t developed a food intolerance, because those can lead to unhappy tummies as well.

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