Playing Kids

Ben and I already “play house” since we live together and all, but sometimes we talk about how our day to day would be different if we had kids. We’re “playing kid” until Thursday because Matt (my little brother)  is staying with us since my mom and dad went to Las Vegas.

Since we have a kid to take care of I had to run before Ben went to work. I only had time for 4 miles, which is a super bummer because I finally felt good on my run today. As I was running I realized I kind of took the last week and a half off of “training” because I didn’t pay any attention to what I was supposed to do and just ran when and as much as I felt like. This is good for morale, but bad for my upcoming races. Hmmm.

I’m wearing my Old Lady vest today!


I made a quick bowl of oats for the road – I have no protein in my house except for powder and didn’t feel like a cold breakfast today. I may get a vanilla or chocolate flavor to try in oats, but that didn’t happen today.


Okay seriously, I need to get to the store! I need some protein before the BFL police arrest me.

See ya later Smile


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    Having kids does make working out difficult…my daughter likes to camp out under my downward

    I am doing well with the BFL eating plan so far today…i don’t feel like snacking as much through the day…I hope to get a workout in today!! Good luck..and get your butt to the grocery store:)

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    The baby does complicate fitness plans, but I haven’t found a harder cardio workout than running and pushing that jogging stroller!

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    The boyfriend and I have talked about how the fitness thing will go when we have kids. I want to continue my fitness routine as much as I can. I will get a BOB jogging stroller. The bf said he’d watch the baby while I went swimming/gym. And when he wants to workout it would be my turn.

    I hope it goes that way some day. :)

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    I’m so glad my gym has a childcare. But I do feel bad for the parents who are constantly called down there. I hope when I have kids they won’t mind mommy working out for a bit!

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    Wait a minute. Having a grown kid is nothing like a baby! Ha ha! With a kid you can schedule. With a baby not so much. I’m looking forward to being a grandparent (not soon though). That way I can enjoy the kid and hand it back when it’s time I want to do something.

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