Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack Try


Hello and thank you all for your kind words on my belly parasite (aka Ben Jr.). This morning I tried to squeeze the bugger out with a ton of ab work courtesy of Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack. This came in the mail yesterday and I was psyched to rip into it! Today is supposed to be a strength training day (per BFL) so this will count as my strength workout as I can’t get to the … [Read more...]

I Have A Parasite


There are a lot of things I’d like to think are wrong with me (as opposed to admitting those things are fixable characteristics I could work on). Well, one of my newer problems is that I have a parasite living in my belly. This flaw is followed closely by the fact that I am a hypochondriac, so do with that what you will. www.nataliedee.com Anyways, my stomach started … [Read more...]