I Have A Parasite

There are a lot of things I’d like to think are wrong with me (as opposed to admitting those things are fixable characteristics I could work on). Well, one of my newer problems is that I have a parasite living in my belly. This flaw is followed closely by the fact that I am a hypochondriac, so do with that what you will.
Anyways, my stomach started hurting again after dinner, so I’m either

A.) Dying

B.) Still fighting off what ever bug made camp in my belly during my recent illness


C.) Suddenly allergic to all foods except ice cream and pizza (also see: Dying and going to Heaven)

The dinner that made my stomach hurt again seemed harmless enough – roasted broccoli, couscous and chickpea salad and chicken. Plus a dollop of guac for good measure.IMG_5986Shortly after eating the parasite living in my belly (we shall call him Ben Jr.?) started trying to get out by stabbing me with his tiny fists. Okay, so now I seem like a hypochondriac who is also crazy and knocked-up, none of which is true. Sorry.IMG_5985

Before my apparently parasite hating din-din I had some cereal as an afternoon snack. I know I have not been eating BFL style these last two days, but I’m trying to slowly ease into a higher protein diet and my stomach issues are not making it any easier Sad smile Please bear with me.  Rawr!IMG_5977

Then, Matt and I took a walk to Sonic. He had never been there before and I wanted a way to bribe him into a taking a walk with me. It is probably one mile each way and he walks pretty briskly for a kid!IMG_5979

I got him a treat when we got there and he saved half for later SmileIMG_5983

I just came back from a random run to Target because Ben needed milk and mousse. That, and I seek out excuses to go to Target on a daily basis.

I’m sipping on hot cocoa because I’m going to try and bribe the parasite to “be good” by giving it chocolate. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Good Night Smile


  1. Ella says

    This post had me cracking up (:. Feel better soon!
    I’m a slight hypochondriac..and I’m a health science major so I know everything that goes on in the human body and pretty much every rare and bizzare illness you can think of..it just made the paranoia worse.

    • Michelle says

      LOL dude i’m going through the same thing!! my lower stomach has been cramping and bloated since the 30th! i went through the same list in my head you forgot gallbladder stones lol Hope you feel better!! i can’t wait until this goes away either!! thanks for sharing:) good hearing from you:)

  2. says

    I hope you feel better girl, loved the nickname Ben Jr for the parasite, lol!

    Your little brother is so cute, Im sure hes having fun with you guys!

    Please tell me you went to target and only got what you needed?! I can never do that, I always buy everything I dont need and forget to buy what I was supposed to!

  3. says

    Awww hun, I doubt its a parasite. My friend had the same stomach virus. She was throwing up for 2 days and then for an entire week afterwards, her stomach was just off, resulting in sharp pains and gas every time she ate. It sounds just like what you are going through. I really think it has something to do with the fiber you are eating. I know it’s hard but try cutting back and see if that helps. Feel better!!

  4. says

    Maybe it’s a fiber issue? If Ben Jr. likes pizza and chocolate and hates broccoli, it could just be that your system isn’t ready for the fiber challenge yet. A trip the doctor wouldn’t hurt, but the tests they order might :)

  5. says

    I hope you feel better soon!!

    I am like Katie..I can’t walk into Target and get what is on my list only…I walk in prepared to spend $10 and my bill ends up being $127….

  6. Sarah W. says

    everybody blames fiber but I dont think you are eating any more fiberriffic than you normally do, so i sincerely doubt its all the fiber. fiber is not the enemy. so I’m guessing its part of a sickness. give it another week and then go to the doc :-)

    in other news, I’m getting 110g protein today (for my BFL funness) through a vegetarian diet today. no worries, tomorrow will be filled with chicken and turkey :) its all about balance yo!

  7. says

    I am ashamed to admit this — but before I found a healthy way to lose weight, I use to wish I could get a tapeworm. Then I realized how disgusting and awful that would be and started praying to the food gods that I would never, ever get a parasite.

  8. says

    Try some probiotics (before each meal right now). They should help. I get sick after each meal when I have a candida overgrowth, no matter what I eat. I’m not saying you have this issue, but getting your gut flora in check will definetely help.

  9. says

    You think maybe it’s the chicken? I’m vegetarian also and a few years ago I took a bit of chicken and I had the WORST stomach pains, quickly followed by some “issues”. Try not eating the chicken for a bit and see if it gets better, then reintroduce it. If it happens again you know it’s your body reacting to breaking down the meat.

    • Lauren says

      I second Christina’s comment ^. I bet your body is just trying to figure out how to break down the turkey and chicken again. Anyhow, I hope you feel better no matter what the problem is.

  10. Erin says

    I just got over the same stomach thing. It lasted about a week. Everytime I thought I was hungry and ate I ended up feeling sick. I stayed away from the veggies altogether and ate my weight in saltines which seemed to help a little. I sympathize with you – it was very frustrating! Hope you feel better soon.

  11. says

    When I’m not feeling well, everything goes out the window, and my motto becomes “whatever makes me feel better must be good for me.”

  12. Katie says

    I was just having this same issue and I found out I’m anemic, possibility?

    Also, my mom (moms know best) told me to get a coke slurpee, so I got cherry coke and it didn’t hurt my stomach, when literally everything else did. (Sorry if there are no 7-11’s in CA! )

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