Confession Thursday– I Want 2 Boxes of Wine

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Confession Thursday post and my Catholic guilt is killing me. Only God can judge me now.

1. Today was so pretty I was happy I don’t have a “real” job right now. This meant I could take a long walk and enjoy its beauty.


2. I’m confessing this because it’s random – this is my favorite sign, ever.  IMG_5999

3. I felt guilty for about eating this yogurt mid-morning since I didn’t make any effort to eat BFL style after breakfast. But that only lasted a second when I realized I am going to make my belly a priority until I’m 100%.


4. I go through La Croix like it’s water. Wait, it kind of is… Okay, then I take back this confession.


5. My CSA delivery was so pretty, but I had to cancel it because it keeps coming at inopportune times Sad smile This will be my last one for a while.


I think Vegas is going to miss the boxes.


6. Ben regularly complains that we have way too many dishes and tupperware. Then, I bought more. In my defense these are glass and BPA free! But, I think he’d rather get cancer than deal with one more dish.


7. I completely forgot I was cooking hardboiled eggs and have no idea how long they boiled. Luckily, they came out perfectly and the shell was super easy to remove too!


8. I  am on Mexican time. This means different things on different days, but today it meant I am taking down our tree because it’s Three Kings Day in Mexico. Mexicans (and potentially other Hispanics, as I can only speak for my peeps) believe this is the day that the 3 wise men finally got to Jesus and brought him the gifts. So, today is the day many exchange gifts!

This also means Christmas is officially over. Boo. IMG_6020

9. I needed a substantial afternoon snack because I was super hungry and not fun to be around (read: a bad word I don’t want to write because I don’t want to be banned at your place of employment).


The above pictured snack did not cut it at all so I went back for a full PB&J sammie (half shown here).


10. I had no idea what to do with this red chard so I just tore it up and added it to dinner.


I made creamy pasta with ground turkey, mushrooms and tomato sauce. I make it creamy by adding a cup of greek yogurt – this also packs some extra protein!


My mom and dad stopped here on the way home from Las Vegas to pick up Matt. I made them dinner and everyone loved this pasta dish! I love that it’s super easy too.


11. My mom brought me back some dark chocolate M&Ms from M&Ms World on the strip. I should have saved them for my cheat day, but since I haven’t been adhering to anything besides the will of my belly parasite I ate them.


That being said, I realize that I am only 3 days into BFL and already failing. I don’t blame this completely on the parasite (even though I do like that I am taking it easy on myself for once in my life).  Eating more protein and more frequently is a huge change for me. Even though I ate relatively healthy before attempting BFL,  I ate a very high carb diet. And I also did not stick to any kind of schedule or count anything. I don’t think I was prepared for all the changes and prep work necessary to be successful on this plan.

But, I was so super excited to try this I am disappointed that it hasn’t been an easy transition. My stomach felt better after the yogurt today, so I’m hoping the active cultures helped me out and I’ll be 100% on plan tomorrow.

12. The highlight of my day was watching this old Asian man ride by me on a pink little girl’s bike. On the handlebars = 2 boxes of wine. He is cooler than me for so many reasons.IMG_6002Question: Anything to confess?

Bonus question – Anyone have any questions for Ask A Monican? I need some.


  1. says

    my confession: Jersey Shore won in the battle against the gym. I also ate a big cookie as my main dinner component. Confessing is fun!


  2. heather says

    BFL eating is pretty hardcore. I did the plan earlier this year and while I love the workouts, I think the eating is way too restrictive. Free day turned into binge day for me. Granted, I have binge eating issues, but I do think BFL eating being so restrictive didn’t help. I definately wouldn’t do the plan full out again. I still do the workouts, but don’t follow the eating style. I don’t think this counts as a confession. So, uh, I confess that I reuse cups at Panera. Several times. A week. I’m horrible.

    • Olivia says

      I have a history with binge eating and bfl totally triggered major binges on the cheat day for me too. It was almost like the cheat day made it feel “Ok” to go back to those old habbits.

      Anyone have advice to avoid this?

      • says

        Body For Life should still be allowing you to eat enough – even if it’s not the foods you’re used to. But if you’re not eating enough calories it can trigger a binge. Actually, I have a history of binge eating too and thing anything that is considered a “diet” in my head will trigger me to binge.

        I don’t think of BFL as a diet because I think it is encouraging more balanced eating and adequate calories. If your meals are not satisfying – physically and mentally, this can lead to binges. I would make sure that you are eating enough of the stuff you enjoy (while trying to maintain ratios) if that’s your goal.

      • heather says

        I felt the same way about free day. I could not wait to eat the foods “not allowed”. Towards the end of the 12 weeks I got over it, but the first 8 weeks or so it was bad. I think BFL allows for adequate calories, but by having soo many off limits and not on the authorized list drove me to want them even if it was something I’d normally not want at all. Fried chicken, pancakes, cake, etc. And that was just one free day. I think part of it is that BFL is designed after fitness competition diets, which are super restrictive. I’m not sure what advice I can give to avoid the binge feelings. I just chose to not follow the eating plan and be so restrictive, but follow the workouts. That led me to not binge on free days.

  3. says

    I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not discounting the BFL as I know some people who have great results from it, but have you heard of metabolic typing? Some people do better on carbs that others, some do better with protein, some are mixed. Maybe you are a carb type and the BFL program just isn’t for you?

    My confession: I’m a group fitness instructor and I’m eating Nandos takeaway right now :) It’s Friday!

    Did you know that in Australia, we call boxed wine goon? It is the staple drink of uni students, who will bring just the goon bag to parties. Easily hidden that way!

  4. says

    love the post and yet got snaggled up in the notion that boxed wine is called GOON in australia.


  5. Ajay says

    Miz, glad it made you smile. The humble goon bag, or ‘gooner’ is a wonderful invention, and a great part of our culture. Combine it with another Australian icon, the hills hoist clothes line, you get ‘goon of fortune’ 😉

  6. Kelli says

    I have a question what exactly is Body for life diet? I gathered from you its obviously high protein what is the workouts ?

    • says

      BFL is a plan where you eat 40% carbs & protein, 20% fat. So technically it’s not high protein over carbs. The workouts are pretty intense strength exercise – I haven’t started that aspect yet.

  7. says

    My confession is that I am super nervous about my half marathon tomorrow, and feel like I completely slacked off on training between my November race and this one.

  8. says

    On my way taking my daughter to basketball practice last night we encountered a “speed humps” sign. We see it all the time, but last night I wanted to take a picture of it. Alas, it was dark and I didn’t have my camera. Great minds think alike.

    Confession: we’re going to Disney World this weekend to run in the marathon (that’s not the confession part); my mother-in-law’s sister and various other family members live close by in Orlando and my mother-in-law wants us to visit them. This is the confession part: I threw a small-ish tantrum last night because I don’t want to go visit them. I’m not proud that I’m 34 and threw a hissy fit, but if you met them, you might understand.

    And for that, I’m totally going to hell!

  9. says

    Let’s not look at it as “failing” but maybe look it as “haven’t fully started BFL yet!” :)

    My secret confession: I had a leftover buffalo burger and sweet potato fries for breakfast and that isn’t the first time either.

  10. Sarah W. says

    CONFESSION: I totally slept in this morning, therefore skipping the gym. In my defense, this is the first week back to waking up early so my body is extremely tired and still getting used to the 5am alarm. I’m also WAY too sore in my legs, and have a full body workout PLUS HIIT planned for tomorrow (Saturday) AND painting a bedroom……..

    I wouldnt count it as failing, just continue to ease yourself into it this weekend and then focus more on it Monday. I will say that FOOD PREP is KEY to making ANY DIET work correctly. does weekly food prep sessions and her meals are all cooked and ready to go.

    I boiled eggs last night too!!! AND I cooked up 2 chicken breasts and a frozen veggie mix to make chicken stirfry – and heated up frozen brown rice – 2 easy meals sitting pretty in my fridge!

    Chobani counts as BFL doesn’t it? I cound it, it has a great mix of carbs & protein – it IS a meal in itself…I usually add 1/2C Kashi Go Lean to make it even more of a BFL meal/snack.

    I am bingeing less on this plan than I do when I eat a more vegetarian/carb heavy diet. This plan is making me feel better already. Yes I think it CAN be a little TOO restrictive, but i think you need to give it some time, its not AS restrictive as some people think.

    Here’s my BFL COSTCO list of items I rely on:

    Cabot Reduced Fat Cheese Snacks (individually packaged cheese at 50 cal and 6g protein and 2-3g fat)
    Roll-Ups (like flat outs, but dont taste nasty like flat outs…)
    Frozen Brown Rice (if I can ever find it in my store!!!!)
    Individual Sabra containers (if I can ever find it in my store!!!)
    Egg Beaters/Starts
    Boca Burgers
    Frozen Chicken Breasts
    Ground Turkey
    Deli Turkey

    When I did a plan similar to this, I would take a weekend day and prep all food – make a huge batch of brown rice, cook up sweet potatoes, cook up/sautee chicken (stirfrys are SUPER EASY), ground turkey taco meat (love this!). This is week 1 for me so I’m still trying to figure out my “game plan” as far as food prep and whatnot. I’ll keep you posted, feel free to email me if you need help/assistance/or just want to chat.

    • heather says

      Costco is great for BFL foods. I always got the large Fage yogurt tubs, as I read that Chobani wasn’t BFL approved. Too much sugar in the flavored variety, and that fruit isn’t technically BFL approved. Or ketchup, which really sucked.

      • Sarah W. says

        thanks for the reply! i guess I’m not doing super strict BFL but I feel like i’m stricter than I was. i feel like as long as my ratios at the end of the day are 40/40/30 and that I ate a relatively clean diet, I’m good to go. I still think Chobani is better than the alternative, which is NO protein at all. I can’t do the plain greek yogurt – too disgusting to me…and I’m not a fan of cottage cheese. so Chobani fits the bill perfectly for MY needs :)

        i still used ketchup in moderation when I was doing a similar BFL style diet a few years ago and made major progress despite that. I was also allowed to eat fruit (small amount) so Im not sure why that wouldnt be OK, its a CLEAN source of food as far as I’m concerned

        • heather says

          I only brought up fruit because there isn’t any on the authorized foods list for BFL. I just meant if you’re doing a by the book challenge. I ate fruit on it, at first and then started to feel guilty about it. Chobanis are great, have a good protein amount, I just personally think they’re high in sugar.

  11. D says

    It sounds like you don’t really WANT to do BFL! That’s totally fine, but why force yourself to do something that clearly isn’t working?!

    • says

      I feel like it’s just the opposite – I really want to do it, but I haven’t set myself up for success by lack of planning. I’m still excited to get into it.

  12. says

    love the glassware set!

    my confession is that i always slice open squeeze packets of almond butter after i’ve squeezed all i can squeeze in order to lick out the inside 😀


  13. Laurie says

    I’m curious on how BFL diet works too! I haven’t had a chance to read up on it. Where did you get that glassware set? I need to get that!

  14. says

    i just learned about three kings day! one of my best friends is puerto rican and she just left on wednesday to go home for the “holidays.” i was very confused since the holidays are over, but then she told me about three kings day and that flights were way cheaper to go home for this holiday than for christmas/new years.

    confession: i have a raspberry chobani packed for lunch today, but after seeing it on your blog i really want to eat it RIGHT NOW.

  15. says

    Getting used to the diet is a bit difficult..I am trying my hardest…my only problem is that I didn’t buy enough food at the grocery store this week and not I am out of lunch items, milk and turkey sausage…

    Confession: I can’t wait until my free eating is all I am thinking about

  16. says

    I love those glass containers!

    Confession: I did not tell my husband I ate 4 mozzarella sticks today. We are trying to keep ourselves accountable. I lied. I love mozzarella sticks and do not feel one ounce of guilt over eating them.

  17. Ella says

    I’m really interested in trying BFL. I’m a vegetarian and a college student so I could see that getting tricky.
    My confession is my friends dared me to attempt to drink a whole (small) bottle of red wine last night, I have a handful of summer internship applications to fill out today and a training run scheduled but I can not leave bed…

  18. Alyssa says

    Confession – the only new year’s resolutions I have been working on are the fun ones, like spend more time with my husband and do Jillian’s 6 pack abs (ok not fun but the results will hopefully be) and none of the boring ones like getting organized.

    Question – can you explain Body for Life? I know I could just google but I feel it would be a lot more funny/entertaining/interesting coming from you….

  19. Allison says

    I have a question about BFL. Let’s say you eat 2000 calories a day. At 40% protein that would be 800 calories of protein. Protein is 4 calories per gram, so that would be 200 grams of protein?? Doesn’t that seem like A LOT! What am I missing?

      • Allison says

        Thanks! I weigh about 145 (5’10”) and I can get to 145 grams of protein, but I just can’t see myself getting too much more than that.

  20. says

    i love my glass tupperware – doesn’t stain, can go right into the freezer for easy nuking of leftovers. i just broke my favorite one, though. that’s a con.

    just took down my xmas tree yesterday. i miss it!

  21. Kaz says

    I have a question for the Monican!

    My significant other is half-Mexican, and he makes killer guacamole. I LOVE GUACAMOLE. However, I can’t eat grains (or dairy or legumes for that matter, sadface) and he can’t understand my fixation of guacamole without having chips to dip into it.

    How would a Monican eat her guacamole without chips? Any suggestions?


    (Long time reader, first time commenter. =) Love your blog!)

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