A Regular Day

Today was the first day my stomach didn’t hurt since Saturday! That was almost of week of cramps and pains and various other stomach problems (I will spare you the details).

Even though I said that I was failing at BFL this week, the reality is I never really started. I was sick from day 1 and ended up eating whatever. Luckily, “whatever” still ended up being 80% healthy stuff. So I don’t feel bad about it.

Today I went with it and just ate what I wanted. I feel good and feel well fueled and that’s more than I could have said for the last 5 days! I will start BFL for real  on Sunday.

All day I contemplated running a local half marathon tomorrow. It is super close and never get to run small hometown kind of races. But, I glanced at my race calendar and realize I have a full marathon scheduled in 4 weeks and have totally dropped the ball on training!

I missed 2 long runs during my time in Florida. And before I left I got rained out of a few more wlEmoticon sadsmile4 A Regular Day Now I only have 4 weeks – including taper(!) to ramp back up for a full. So, I’m kind of in trouble. Yeeaaah.

I am considering pulling back to a half based on how I handle the next 3 weeks. But, I’m going to try and go for it with this plan of long runs:

1/8 – 16 miles

1/16 – 13.1 (Half)

1/22 – 18 miles

1/29 – 8 miles

2/6 – Full

Ben and I went out on a date this evening. He suggest sushi and I suggested, “Yes!”. You know, if yes was a suggestion.

IMG 6071 thumb A Regular Day

Baked scallop rolls are becoming my favorite kind!

IMG 6074 thumb A Regular Day

This is a new one we tried. It had salmon on top and random fried strings of potatoes.

IMG 6076 thumb A Regular Day

Then we walked next door to self serve frozen yogurt. Earlier this week I was worried that it was the dairy that was killing my stomach, but I ruled that out with the cc and yogurt. Thank goodness!

IMG 6080 thumb A Regular Day

Okay, I’ve got to wind down for tomorrow.

Good night wlEmoticon smile10 A Regular Day


  1. says

    Whenever my husband travels to CA for business I ask him to bring back Yogurtland and he always points out the problems with that plan :) We really, really need a self serve fro yo place here in MD!

      • says

        I have no idea where Ellicott city is, I live in southern MD (the backwoods). We just got our first Olive Garden a few months ago, so I think I’m going to have to wait a while for a fro yo place :)

  2. says

    So glad the stomach thing is going away. I told you it would. I remember my friend’s lasting for about a week after her actual flu. Regardless, so glad you are feeling better hun.

  3. says

    I thought dairy would be the hardest/worst thing to have to cut out. Then I found out my stomach pains were due to gluten. Yeah…SO much harder!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. says

    Are you doing the Surf City Marathon next month??? I did that one last year! It was pretty good. The first third was hilly, but overall it was a fun race. :) Too bad I’m not doing it again this year

  5. Marcee says

    Yay …. tummy owies are gone! Now you can get on w/things Monica. Hey …. do not say your life is lame. It isn’t. Keep the confidence up …. w/practice runs, eating meals/snacks, etc. You can do it.

    Talk w/you another time.

  6. says

    first off! Love your blog :)

    Glad you are feeling better. It’s sucky being sick!!!

    I love sushi and yogurt dates..I think those are the best dates ever!!! Besides the dates that end in a foot rub :)

    Are you running the Rock and Roll Half in Arizona on Sunday?!? :) I will be running it too!

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