Spaghetti Squash and Squished Choc Chips


Ben and I have a date this evening! I bought tickets to see Hood To Coast a few days ago. It’s a documentary about the infamous relay race in Oregon. And it’s only showing today! HOOD TO COAST follows four unlikely teams on their epic journey to conquer the world's largest relay race. The film captures the love, dedication, and insanity of the every day runner as well as … [Read more...]

My First Zumba


This morning I was supposed to do a strength workout so I was headed to the gym. When I realized there was a Zumba class offered around the same time I knew I had to go. I’ve heard about Zumba for the longest time, but have never had the chance to try it for myself. Even though I was a newbie I went right up to the front of the class. Sure, I might mess up in front of … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday and Ask a Monican 5


Normally I am fine with beans as my main dish, but since I’m trying to pump up the protein I decided to try something new for dinner. I got these Savory Chick’n Smart Tenders for dinner. Luckily they were on sale, but even then I think they’re pricy! They look like chicken, but the consistency is different. They are a little bland to eat plain so I added ketchup and hot … [Read more...]