Meatless Monday and Ask a Monican 5

Normally I am fine with beans as my main dish, but since I’m trying to pump up the protein I decided to try something new for dinner. I got these Savory Chick’n Smart Tenders for dinner. Luckily they were on sale, but even then I think they’re pricy!


They look like chicken, but the consistency is different. They are a little bland to eat plain so I added ketchup and hot sauce.


Roasted broccoli, a sweet potato and chick’n tenders – all part of a complete dinner. If I just swapped out the chick’n for salmon I would have my #2 favorite dinner ever (you know, after pizza).


When I was out and about this afternoon I found myself in a familiar place – the cereal aisle in the super market. Ahhh. Just like old times Winking smile Anyways, they didn’t have any of my top 3 favorite “healthy” cereals. Boo. So, I got something with more sugar than I’d like, but it’s my #4 right now.


Lunch was a veggie burger salad and crackers with pumpkin butter. My lunch date was Ben, but we opted to save some money and eat in SmileIMG_6202

Ask a Monican is back!

This week’s questions:

1. Does running increase appetite and make it hard to lose weight?

2. What (besides chips) can I dip in guacamole?

Sorry in advance – this episode is long, but sometimes longer is better Winking smile

I added a Videos tab on the menu bar a while back and will be adding my new vlogs there as we go along.

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  1. says

    I think that veggie burger salads make the perfect lunch. No need to go out because I don’t think there is a restaurant in the world that can recreate it as well as you can. 😉

  2. says

    I agree, I like to eat guac on many things… I’ve been LOVING it with my eggs at breakfast lately! And on chicken, veggie burgers, sandwiches… mmm… Time to go make breakfast…

  3. says

    They have those chick’n tenders at the commissary and I’m always so tempted to try them! They also have the nuggets, which I might start with first…

    Also, veggie burger salad is genius. I don’t know why I haven’t done this yet! I usually just throw my burger patty on top of a bunch of roasted veggies, but the salad looks tastier.

  4. says

    When I first started running competitively, my appetite went way up and I found myself having to meal plan more carefully so that the nutrition would support the sudden increase in mileage and intensity. After about a month, my body got used to the increased exercise and I was able to drop back to what I was eating before. It was around that time that I noticed a big drop in my weight.

  5. says

    LOVE the video!!!

    Q: What to use to scoop up the guac?
    A: A spoon.

    Really. It’s good enough just like that.

    Also, I agree that with increased running comes an increase in appetite. I cut back to about 15 mies per week over the last month, and I wasn’t hungry at all. I had to make sure to eat a lot of high caloric [healthy] foods to make sure I was getting enough calories. Now that I’m back up to running over 20 miles per week, the hunger is back with a vengeance. :)

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    I tried to implement Meatless Monday in our house, but my husband balked. We’ve compromised by having Less Meat Monday. Yesterday I made nachos with a mixture of 1lb. ground beef and a can of black beans. I guess that’s a step in the right direction, right?

    I can’t believe how expensive meat-substitutes are at the grocery. I only buy them when they’re on sale, but like you said it’s still pricey.

  7. says

    Thanks for addressing this issue again: I appreciate how you must get tired of answering the same variations on the running and weight issue and it’s great that you continue to inspire and help others anyway.

    I struggle with the same problem: I eat so much but I just don’t want to cut down on my mileage. Then again, I suspect I would still eat copious amounts even if I didn’t run so far because I’d be so depressed that I wasn’t running! Like you, I don’t run to lose weight, but running does obviously effect my calorie burn and so unfortunately it becomes intrinsically linked to my weight and food issues (I suffer from binge eating disorder) but ultimately my desire to run outweighs (no pun intended) by desire to be thinner. It’s a tough call, but running means everything to me.

    Glad you share my passion not only for running but also sweet potatoes 😉

  8. says

    I’m not a fan of the fake meat, but I understand trying to up the protein!

    We had Meatless Monday here too. I made enchiladas using 2% cottage cheese (among other things like tomatoes) as the filling. You’d probably like it, it was a very different way to have an enchilada!

  9. Susan says

    Loved the video, I’m one of the lucky ones that lost 10lbs once I started running but as my running increased so did my appetite. I have managed to maintain at my current weight for a year so it has all evened out.

  10. says

    All of those faux meat products are expensive, even when on sale! I usually get them on sale with a coupon.- then it’s slightly reasonable…so I’ve only had ’em a few times, lol. I personally don’t know if I’d get Fiber One shredded wheat, versus any other shredded wheat, I think my favorite shredded wheat is Maple Brown sugar, of if I feel kid like- Strawberry. ONly ever had it once, but it made me feel like a kid with pink cereal ^_^”
    I would SO ask Ben a question, but you should drag him onto a video so he can answer XD

  11. Kaz says

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! Between your answer and the comments, I got some great ideas on how to enjoy guacamole. I admit, I’m mostly inclined to eat it with a spoon, too. 😀

    There’s a fresh batch in the fridge calling my name, so I see a huge salad in my future slathered in guacamole deliciousness. Omnomnom.

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