My First Zumba

This morning I was supposed to do a strength workout so I was headed to the gym. When I realized there was a Zumba class offered around the same time I knew I had to go. I’ve heard about Zumba for the longest time, but have never had the chance to try it for myself.

Even though I was a newbie I went right up to the front of the class. Sure, I might mess up in front of everyone, but how else am I going to see the instructor to follow the moves?!

Overall, I thought it was fun. I love the music. But, it’s more play than work and I was looking for a workout. I probably wouldn’t go again unless I knew the class was more challenging cardio wise.

I ended up doing a few circuits of weights after class and then walking home. Ben needs the car today so he dropped me off at the gym and I had to take my Chevrolegs home Smile

By the time I got to my kitchen I was HUNGRY. I wanted a bowl of oatmeal and a smoothie and an egg sandwich… all of it. I decided to make a breakfast burrito and wait a bit for my food to settle before round 2.


In the breakfast burrito – veggie mix, eggs, salsa and guacamole. It would have been amazing with potatoes and cheese, but I didn’t have the patience.


Question: When was the last time you tried a new workout?


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    I am looking forward to taking a bodyflow class next Monday night. I saw a bit of the class through the door last night. It is a mix of yoga, tai chi and pilates…I am hoping it is amazing!!!

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    I just tried something new on Saturday! I went to Bar Method with a friend of mine, and realized how horribly unflexible I am. HAHAHHA.

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    The only new workout I ever get is an unexpected flight of stairs. Heh heh. I’m just so out of the fitness loop. I stick to what is familiar: the 3 mile-run I enjoy 5-6 days a week! :-)

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    I’ve tried Zumba a few times and have never really felt that I was getting much of a workout, but I know some people swear by it. I’d prefer a real dance class to help me perfect my club moves. haha. j/k!

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    Zumba never looked like much of a workout to me either…
    I went to my first Ashtanga Yoga class last spring, during my IT band injury, and was too intimidated to try it again. Probably because we had to (try to) do a headstand at the end, when us newbies were tired and even more prone to falling over than at the beginning of the class.

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    i got a new yoga dvd for christmas that i’ve used a couple times. it’s really short and very beginner (which i am). i wish it was a little longer, but other than that i really like it & i’m getting the hang of the poses! :)

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    I tried Zumba a few months ago with 2 friends and it was hard, I looked riddiculous doing the moves, and I was sore the next day!! But we had fun and a few good laughs!

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    I just tried Zumba for the first time last week! It was a fun (sorta) class and I got a great workout. I just felt very awkward and “square” the whole time – I’m not much of a dancer! I’m going to go to two more classes before I decide whether or not Zumba is for me. I treat new workouts like any new beer I encounter – you gotta give it 3 sips before you decide whether or not you like it!

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    I am not a fan of Zumba. I am a terrible dancer and, I always miss the moves. I know Zumba is not about becoming a professional dancer, but I don’t enjoy it.

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    I am SO GLAD you posted this today. I took my first ever Zumba class last night and I left thinking…Eh. Not much of a workout–and I tried HARD to make it high impact cardio. However, I did not find it challenging and I’m a long-time (2 decades) runner–I did 2 marathons this past October. I’m not sore today. I didn’t half-ass it, either.
    My non-runner friends were ticked at me for saying it was kind of easy and I must not have been trying very hard. I disagree but whatever.
    I guess I’d need to give it more of a chance but I’d rather not…running is where it’s at for me :-)

  11. Maren says

    I’ve always wanted to try it too! It does look like fun! I started boot camp last week for the first time. It’s ridiculous. haha!

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    I just tried a new workout DVD on Sun (review is on my blog if you’re interested) and that was interesting. It was a Bob Harper (Biggest Loser dude) and he made me swing heavy weights around and now I’m sore in strange places.

    I’ve always wanted to try Zumba but I was afraid it wouldn’t be a good workout, looks like I may be right!

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    I’ve been doing a new weight program that my husband found and loving it so far.

    What you get out of a Zumba class depends 100% on the instructor. I’ve taken classes with 3 different people. One of them I burned 400-500 calories per session, another I burned about 250 and the most recent teacher I’ve tried is consistently between 700-800. Do they offer classes with a different instructor?

  14. Emily G says

    Chevrolegs! You made me smile and laugh out loud at my desk.
    The last time I tried a “new” workout I made up some fun moves while snowshoeing – some plyometrics stuff like jumping left to right in fresh snow.

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    hahaha i never have patience to make taters for breakfast. Unless the boy cooks some for me! i heard zumba was hard, but I think it depends on the class and instructor. That sucks it wasn’t what u were looking for. Hopefully, you can find a nice strength class soon!


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    My mom got me the Zumba dvds for christmas and at first they didn’t get my heartrate up but once I got all the steps down I could focus on putting more into the workout! It’s not the most intense workout but sometimes I want something a little more fun.

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    I’d never tried group classes before joining my current gym last year and quickly realized that I love them. Sometimes I ‘workout’ before the class (like tonight’s Body Step) but often it gives me a better workout than I’d otherwise get solo (aka Kick Boxing!).

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    I tried Turbo Kick a few months ago at the gym. I wasn’t happy with it though. I could NOT keep up. As soon as I’d figure out the move combos they’d be onto something else. It was frustrating being so uncoordinated. That’s why I don’t do classes much.

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    I have recently started P90x. It is only my second week doing it. So far so good. I am doing it with my husband and I think that is a huge part of why I like it- I am killing two birds with one stone-hanging out with the hubbs and getting a good work out in :)

  20. Bridee says

    Zumba is not good cardio for a runner :) Fun, but can’t compare. Today I did Tae Bo with Billy Banks! He is teaching in Rancho Santa Margarita at Golds Gym. You should try it! (I think you are in OC area…) So fun and a GREAT cardio workout!!

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    I tried Zumba a while ago with a DVD, not brave enough to do it with a room full of people – well done you!! I thought it was a bit complex, I prefer a nice simple aerobics routine to get me sweating.

    As for something new, I have started going to a spinning class every week. It’s great, I love it as it is so intense for a short amount of time .. Betty xx

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    Zumba can be a good workout. In my (very limited) experience, the instructor dictates the intensity level of the class so if you get a chance to try it at a different venue or with a different instructor, try it again. I’ve also noticed a big difference in how people choose to do the moves, which can up the intensity. If you have a great instructor, I think you would find it more challenging.

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    Don’t give up on zumba yet – I’ve been to classes like that and I’ve also been to classes that are hardcore workouts – its all totally different based on the instructor.

    I just went to a new kickboxing class tonight where we had to do a bunch of the moves holding weights – my arms were on fire!

    Also I just tried running on the treadmill for the first time last week!

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