It’s A Waffle Wednesday


Every time I write “Waffle Wednesday” I think it sounds like “Awful Wednesday”, which I find both funny and sad for some reason. I hope it’s not really an awful day for anyone! Last night’s movie gave me a late start this morning and I messed around on the computer for way too long before setting off on a 5 miler. Not being on a certain schedule makes me crazy. I need to just … [Read more...]

Bring the Hood to the Hood To Coast


My afternoon snackage consisted of trail mix that I forgot to take a picture of, yogurt and cereal. Then, I went to class. Spring semester starts this week! Since it was the first day I got out early and had some time to spare. I went home and changed into workout clothes so I could do Jillian’s Six Week Six Pack DVD. So yeah. I changed into some work out clothes, did the … [Read more...]