It’s A Waffle Wednesday

Every time I write “Waffle Wednesday” I think it sounds like “Awful Wednesday”, which I find both funny and sad for some reason. I hope it’s not really an awful day for anyone!

Last night’s movie gave me a late start this morning and I messed around on the computer for way too long before setting off on a 5 miler. Not being on a certain schedule makes me crazy. I need to just set one for myself already!

When I got back home I wanted a smoothie because it’s warm, and waffles because it’s Wednesday. So I had both!IMG_6271

In the blender: ice, frozen spinach (which then calls for less ice), protein powder, chia seeds and coconut milk.


I had to move this meal inside for consumption of course Smile


I ended up adding a dollop of almond butter to the waffles and banana. By the time I was eating it was 11am – practically lunch time! I was beyond hungry and needed staying power.


I’ve been craving bananas and this meal really satisfied every part of my taste buds and belly needs. I love that.

Oh yeah, for the peeps that asked – if you ask Ben a question for Ask a Monican he will answer on video not me (unless I decide to dress like him with a fake beard, which would be fun)


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    I love your huge goblet of green monster. I need to pick up some waffles at the g-store so I can participate in awful, I mean waffle Wednesday too. 😉

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    I celebrated Waffle Wednesday today, too! Topped mine with almond butter, sliced bananas, and sprinkled with chia seeds. Soooo good. I have it for breakfast 4 days a week practically.

    Frozen spinach? You are a genius.

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    My question for Ben- What is it like being married to the Fabulous Monica? But seriously he is awesome for picking you up from runs that is a great way to show support!

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