Take A Leek


I had two leeks that were on their last day in the fridge. Even though I only recently discovered leeks they are my new favorite veggie! I couldn’t let them die in the trash – they deserve a grave in my belly I cooked them up with a veggie mix that was also on it’s way out and some eggs. I love egg scrambles! Topped with lf cheese, hot sauce and ketchup. Served … [Read more...]



I did it again! I let myself stall my run too long this morning which meant the entire last half of the run all I thought about was breakfast. I was hungry and considered all of the following: Smoothie with PB toast on the side Smoothie in a bowl Egg sandwich Frozen waffles Yogurt bowl A Panera bagel Pizza eggs All those choices still sound so good! I … [Read more...]

What Makes You Happy


I’m in a bummer of a mood tonight, so I’ll spare you a rant on how I feel sorry for myself tonight. You’re welcome. This afternoon I had a snack. It happens every day. One secret to taking spaghetti squash up a notch – after steaming and shredding it, cook it up in a pan with onions and mushrooms. It helps make it more tender. Dinner. For some reason I have just … [Read more...]

Sweet PB Chickpea Snack


I don’t know why or how or where my love of chickpeas first got started, but I am obsessed with this bean. I used to buy the most massive cans of them from Costco in Maryland, but sadly they do not sell them here Luckily, I don’t have to relegate my chickpea eating time to meals or savory snacks because I’ve got a sweet chickpea recipe today. Sweet PB Chickpeas All you … [Read more...]