What Makes You Happy

I’m in a bummer of a mood tonight, so I’ll spare you a rant on how I feel sorry for myself tonight. You’re welcome.

This afternoon I had a snack. It happens every day.


One secret to taking spaghetti squash up a notch – after steaming and shredding it, cook it up in a pan with onions and mushrooms. It helps make it more tender.




For some reason I have just been down all day. This afternoon I tweeted that needed something good to happen. image

Then, I got some random good news – my blog hit one million page views when I wasn’t looking. Ha! (Cue the balloons and streamers!!!)

Before I even realized that, I knew I needed to make a list of things that make me happy…

Ben and that parrot cat on his shoulder.


Dark chocolate!!!


Matt as breakfast company Smile


Frozen yogurt


Palm Trees




Question: What do you think about when you need to a lift?


  1. says

    cheer up, buttercup! things that make me happy: my dogs, watching the game show network, waking up on saturday thinking it is a work day and then realizing it isn’t, rolling around in the snow and then hopping in a hot tub. havent done that last one in years. love you!

  2. says

    Ah I feel you.
    I’m definitely feeling like something has been off recently and I just don’t know what it is. I’m trying to make myself feel better by remembering all the great things I have in my life and all the wonderful things I have the privilege of doing and knowing.
    Hope things turn around for both of us soon!

  3. says

    Congrats girl on the 1 million views!!!!! Thats awesome!

    What makes me happy, well thinking of my honeymoon in less than 6 months in Maui, getting married, my son, my fiance, and just wonderful peeps in my life!

    Cheer up girl! U got so much to be happy about : )

  4. says

    Congrats on one million views! That’s definitely something to smile about.
    I’m sorry you had a bummer day. I’ve been feeling down, too. A good cup of coffee cheers me up. So does a new episode of Top Chef or a handful of chocolate chips straight from the bag.

  5. says

    Besides that Sound of Music song? (that’s what the name of this post reminded me of before I even read it)Hmm, when i need cheering up…I thing of J-rock songs 8D. Seriously, they’re so happy and peppy, if I’m home, or out and have my i-pod it can turn my mood around and forget things for a while

  6. says

    When I’m feeling down (which is much too often lately; I blame winter), I look at photos of my nieces and nephews; they make me smile. Even better is when I Skype them after a bad day! Love their cute faces. Also, I listen to my favorite music: anything by Paul McCartney, solo or Beatles. Always helps!

  7. says

    I give myself a little tough love – I have a roof over my head, my body is healthy, and food whenever I want so I am luckier than so many people around the world! That usually puts whatever is getting me down in perspective. I go one step forward and think about how grateful I am to have a wonderful husband, family and friends in my life. We all get a little down sometimes, so I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Courtney says

    Hi Monica,

    I haven’t commented here before (I think), but I did want to tell you I watched your videos last night and you’re even prettier in motion. :) Now that I sound like a creepster…

    I live in MD, and work only about 20 minutes from Columbia. It’s a shame we never met up while you lived out here! You’d hate it now though – super windy and bitter cold. I thank baby Jesus every day for my treadmill.

  9. says

    Good job on looking for the positive! I know how hard that can be when you’re feeling down. I’ve been there a few times myself in the past couple months.
    I hope things start looking up soon for you!

  10. says

    Cheer up buttercup!

    Awesome blogging milestone..you are totally my hero!!

    I get happy and out of a funk when my little ones crawl up my lap and tell me I am their favorite momma in the world or when the get in bed with me early in the morning on the weekends and hug me tight around my neck..whispering they love me! Makes everything better!!

  11. says

    1 million views! That call for a champagne toast. When I’m feeling down I think about the husband, and the good things in the world like puppies, kittens, pretty much baby anything, and how one bump in the road doesn’t ruin the whole thing.

  12. says

    I’ve been in a funk this week too. What’s helping me “get through it” is the fact that I have 5 days off next week for my birthday!

  13. says

    When I need a lift I usually look up pictures of kittens online.

    I know, that’s just about the cheesiest thing every, right? But, kittens make me SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Thank you for the spaghetti squash tip. I will have to try that.

  14. says

    A few years ago, I actually made a happy list for this very reason! There are over 200 things on there because I kept adding to it. I haven’t looked at the list in years but now I really want to go and find it again!

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