Off To AZ


Oh my gosh! I almost forgot I am going to Arizona tonight!! I never take road trips too seriously (read: leave everything to the last minute). I guess that’s because Ben and I used to take off on a moments notice on random trips when we were in love (the term I use for when we were first dating) We went to Rosarito on whim (hello, Mexico). And our 3rd date was to the Grand … [Read more...]

French Toast Cups


Happy Friday! Wait – Happy French Toast Friday! I’ve had this idea for French Toast Cups for a long time and finally remembered this morning. Ricotta Filled French Toast Cups First mix the following in a bowl: 2 eggs or 1/2 cup egg beaters 1 packet of sugar, and a dash of each: cinnamon, salt, vanilla to suite your preference. Dip 2 slices of bread into the egg … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday


There are three things that are vital to my life and belly happiness as of late. They are the following: 1. Protein. It’s been tough for me to pump up the protein because I don’t really like meat. Last night when I made spaghetti I put a chopped chicken sausage in it and ate around it! I tend to gravitate toward the carbs and veggies in any meal. But I do have to point out- I … [Read more...]