Three Things Thursday

There are three things that are vital to my life and belly happiness as of late. They are the following:

1. Protein. It’s been tough for me to pump up the protein because I don’t really like meat. Last night when I made spaghetti I put a chopped chicken sausage in it and ate around it! I tend to gravitate toward the carbs and veggies in any meal. But I do have to point out- I have been feeling a lot better eating more protein. So, I’ve decided that if I want a protein smoothie two times a day that is okay. Pineapple Greek yogurt works too Winking smile


2. Veggies. I am a volume eater. I also love to snack, so I try to keep baby carrots on hand for the need to crunch…


and I love big bowls of roasted broccoli for some green charred goodness with dinner.


3. Sweets! I cry over spilt hot chocolate – especially if that hot chocolate is the low sugar calcium added stuff.


See you in the morning!


  1. says

    What kind of low-sugar, calcium added hot chocolate do you buy/where do you find it? (Please don’t say Trade Joe’s!) I feel like I’m about to embark on a cocoa kick.

  2. says

    I’m amping up my protein, too, as I am returning to running and would like to build muscle. But, I don’t love the taste of meat either (I’m not vegetarian, though). I’ve been trying to focus on higher protein snacks and adding whey protein powder when I want/can.

  3. Emily says

    Monica.. loving the blog as always :) I see you always eat raw carrots as a snack.. I’ve tried this.. and they are just so hard on my stomach, I cannot bare to eat them! I am literally gassy and crampy for the rest of the day and night. Does this happen to you? I had to cut out a lot of the fiber/raw a while back and feel 100x better, but just yesterday I tried the carrots again and ICK! ….. My belly…

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