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Hello from Arizona! Ben and I slept in a bit this morning – we’re on vacation wlEmoticon smile23 More Rock N’ Roll 

Then, we had some very important things to accomplish today – the most important of which was BREAKFAST.

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Ben wanted a sit down place so we looked up a 5 star rated breakfast spot – First Watch. I’ve seen this place on Meghann’s blog and was excited to try it out in AZ not FL.

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I wanted iced coffee, but they don’t have it on the menu. So, I asked for a cup of ice and hot coffee. It worked!IMG 6423 thumb More Rock N’ Roll

I love that there was a whole section of healthier options. I chose the triathlete omelet – egg whites with mushrooms, green peppers and tomatoes. It came with a dry english muffin and a fruit cup. The fruit cup was a little sad, but everything else was good.

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And since I LOVE pancakes (but they don’t make me full), Ben and I shared one. The menu says this is a “multi-grain” pancake, but it looked straight up white to me. I asked and the waiter confirmed that this was their multi-grain.

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Finally, we were off to the Rock N’ Roll Arizona Expo! It was kind of déjà vu since I just went to a Rock N Roll Expo in Las Vegas last month!  I hate to admit it, but I got a little overzealous with signing up for races and I’m majorly burnt out on it. But, the show race must continue and I’m hoping to take a break soon (the money’s already spent so I have to stick it out).IMG 6438 thumb More Rock N’ Roll

First things first, I had to check in and get my number.

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I love the high energy buzz that is all over race expos! Everyone is pumped and excited and a little nervous – but in a great way. IMG 6440 thumb More Rock N’ Roll

Ah! I’m nervous too! I get way too nervous before races. Even when I’m just running for fun.IMG 6442 thumb More Rock N’ RollAdded bonus: we are staying in a hotel that has a ton of racers – so every time we get in the elevator there are people to talk to and a “Good Luck!” is always exchanged!

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Now we are heading out to enjoy the sun shiny day! I LOVE when the temperature is in the mid 70s for “living”, but this is a little hot to run in. I also love the dryness of the desert, but it’s weird if you’re not used to it (Ben, who is from FL still complains about this).IMG 6445 thumb More Rock N’ RollI prefer high 50s for long runs! I’m hoping we are racing early enough to beat the heat!image thumb5 More Rock N’ Roll

If you’re coming from a cooler climate and running RnR AZ tomorrow make sure to hydrate! I’ve already talked to a few people on the elevator who think it’s steamy here!


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    i’ve been to first watch in st. louis. it’s always pretty good! i really like their oatmeal/fruit parfait thing (i really have no idea what it’s called…).

    i’d cry if i had to run in 70 degrees. i’m such a warm-weather wimp. i agree with you, 50 degrees is idea. good luck tomorrow!

  2. says

    You look so pretty in that picture with your race number. I love your bangs!

    How fun that Ben and you are together. Is he going to take race pics of you?

    I ran 3 miles this morning and it was in the low 80’s. California is WEIRD!

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