The Best

The best road trip snacks are crunchy and salty – like Pirate’s Booty and cucumbers. I brought a lot of food because I have been hungry all day!IMG 6390 thumb The Best

We passed through Palm Springs and just missed my BEST friend who was getting off work, but couldn’t meet up.

IMG 6392 thumb The Best

The best thing I learned today was how these wind turbines work, courtesy of Ben’s brain.

IMG 6395 thumb The Best

The best thing I ate today was some of Ben’s Chili Relleno. Hole-in-the-wall Mexican food is the BEST!

IMG 6399 thumb The Best

This was not the best guacamole I’ve ever had- it’s probably the only thing I make better at home than I have ever gotten at a restaurant.

IMG 6400 thumb The Best

The best complete protein combination is rice and beans. Match made in Heaven – where good Mexican food is served everywhere.

IMG 6401 thumb The Best

I ordered fish tacos. I was looking for the “best” thing on the  menu in terms of something that would make me full in a healthy way (I was starving for the 5th time today at this point).

I could not find anything on the menu that I could eat and settled on these. They were okay (not as good as Ben’s dinner). But, I didn’t realize until after we ordered that I could have ordered chicken tacos or something. It didn’t occur to me to order something with poultry (since I’ve recently decided to go the way of the poultry-tarian.

IMG 6403 thumb The Best

Ben went to work at 4:45am this morning so he could get out early for our road trip. While he was ordering a coffee next door I got a donut to share.

IMG 6407 thumb The Best

Finally! After a major traffic jam that set us back big time we made it wlEmoticon smile22 The Best

IMG 6410 thumb The Best

I love hotels. It’s like a brand new house that’s super clean (that may say something about how I keep my place).

IMG 6411 thumb The Best

“Hello!” from my hotel!

IMG 6420 thumb The Best

And I best say “Goodnight!” before Ben gets mad that I’m ignoring him wlEmoticon smile22 The Best

IMG 6421 thumb The Best


  1. says

    Glad you guys made it safe! THe donut looks good, I think I especially like it because it has pink frosting, lol, Im a sucker for pink : p

    Have a great day! Good luck on the race!!!!

  2. says

    I love beans and rice! I’m glad you had a nice road trip…and your hotel looks lovely.
    Having spent my early years in California, I remember Winchell’s doughnuts. My dad is from NY and when his father came to visit once, he could not get over the fact that we had Winchell’s and not Dunkin Donuts. Now that I’m addicted to DD iced coffee, I can understand my grandpa’s displeasure.

    Have a great time….and happy running!

  3. says

    I just bought popcorn for our last road trip and it was the best idea!

    Gosh, what is it about restaurant gauc sometimes that makes it tastes like acid? THey must put some kind of preservative in it. Last time we went out for Mexican, the guac tasted like that. Definitely not authentic.

    Glad you guys made it safe. Have fun! :)

  4. says

    I haven’t had pirate’s booty for at least a year, and now I really want some again. I really need to stop reading blogs when I’m hungry :)

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