Egg Salad And Cleaning As Exercise


There was some good that came out of my crazy shopping rampage yesterday – this egg salad that I picked up from Trader Joes. It’s definitely one of my favorites! I piled it in a sandwich and paired it with cucs, carrots and a sliced apple. So much crunch packed in one plate! I also snagged some hummus for the carrots because that’s how I do. I usually try and clean before … [Read more...]

Ben Does C25K


Ben has been talking about taking up running for a while. Then, when we were talking about our New Year’s Resolutions he said he wanted to run a marathon this year (!). I suggested we start with a 5K and take it from there. So, today is Ben’s first day of the Couch to 5K program! I’m going to be his coach and running buddy for this so I’m excited too! This morning we did 20 … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday– Winging it Lasagna


I am usually super hungry the day AFTER a long run and today was no different. Only an hour after breakfast my stomach was growling. I decided to have some healthy fats and protein in the form of a Larabar (from the expo) and a Babybel cheese. I don’t think I have tried these Babybels before, and I LOVED it. I shouldn’t have went shopping hungry because I am prepared to feed … [Read more...]