Ben Does C25K

Ben has been talking about taking up running for a while. Then, when we were talking about our New Year’s Resolutions he said he wanted to run a marathon this year (!). I suggested we start with a 5K and take it from there. So, today is Ben’s first day of the Couch to 5K program!


I’m going to be his coach and running buddy for this so I’m excited too! This morning we did 20 minutes of run/walk intervals. We used the Cool Running C25K program, but I’m going to write up a new training plan for him since I think he can run longer run to walk intervals.


After we got back I took off my garmin and set off for a 3 miler of my own. I like doing an easy 3 miles a few days after a race to see how I feel. No Garmin, no time worries – just me and my legs to let me know how they feel. My left knee feels a little sensitive so I might take off tomorrow.

*Speaking of my Garmin (or lack thereof) my lap database if full and I can’t remember how to clear it. Can someone please help?

I had to make a quick breakfast because I had a call in 15 minutes.  Coffee (because we got this amazing Amaretto flavor from FL), yogurt with chia seeds (for protein and picking things out of your teeth)IMG_6265 and a PB & J english muffin (because they are only 40 more calories than a sandwich thin, but 50x as good).


I caught my cat licking up the dropped PB and yogurt when I walked away. He totally gets the amazingness that is pineapple Chobani Smile


See you later!


  1. Tom C says

    Hey Monica – go into the history section of the garmin – there’s an option at the bottom to delete all, keep 1 or 3 months. Just make sure you don’t delete it from your computer – I made that mistake and lost 6 months of data…

  2. says

    The name is so deceiving. I thought it involved a 25k. A 5k is 5 thousand miles, right? #obsessedwiththeoffice
    Anyway, congrats Ben! He can totally do a marathon if he puts his mind to it.

  3. says

    love that you’re his “coach”!! :) goooo ben!

    ryan and i love to run together (okay I love it, not sure if he does) although we seem to fight a lot when we run too (usually he wants to turn around and go home sooner than i do ha!)

  4. says

    So exciting about Ben’s new running plan! My husband and I ran a half marathon together last month and had such a great experience training and running together. Ben’s lucky to have such an awesome running coach!

  5. says

    How exciting to run with Ben. I bet you’ll be a great coach.
    My husband and I trained for a marathon this past fall and thankfully we didn’t end up divorced. Although, we did have one epic fight the last mile of our first 20 miler. Ugly.

  6. says

    My husband has done the C25K thing a few times (he never actually finishes it!) He liked the program set up though, and if he wanted to run again, that’s what he’d do.

    If you post how to set up your Garmin to get mile split times (you have a 305, right?), you’d be my hero forever. I have no idea how to clear your laps, I can’t even figure out the mile split thing 😛

  7. Phebe says

    Go Ben! That’s awesome. I recently asked my b-friend to train for a half marathon with me and he said no because “running isn’t fun”. You can’t win them all.
    Also, after your rave reviews I finally decided to try Pineapple Chobani for the first time today and it’s delicious! If only it wasn’t $1.49 (from Whole Foods). Does anyone know where to find it for cheaper? Thanks!

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