Egg Salad And Cleaning As Exercise

There was some good that came out of my crazy shopping rampage yesterday – this egg salad that I picked up from Trader Joes. It’s definitely one of my favorites!


I piled it in a sandwich and paired it with cucs, carrots and a sliced apple. So much crunch packed in one plate! I also snagged some hummus for the carrots because that’s how I do.


I usually try and clean before I leave for a trip, but staying tidy got away from me between coming back from Florida and Arizona this weekend. I couldn’t stand it anymore and went on a clean sweep of the house.

I do not like cleaning at all. I totally don’t “get” people that LOVE cleaning, but I do wish I was one of

Wait. Actually I like 2 aspects of cleaning: 1) being able to relax in your clean house 2) the exercise part of it. I think of cleaning as exercise and since I enjoy being on my feet I blast the trash TV (sorry neighbors) so I can hear it from anywhere in the house  and clean away.


Now I’m chopping on some blackberries while trying to figure out my schedule for the next couple of months. Since I’m not organized I keep signing up for races on a whim and overextending myself. I don’t have time to do them all (boo) so I want to pick and choose better.



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    I’m one of those weirdos; I like to clean. I actually like to have cleaned, more than actually cleaning, but cleaning does serve as perfect stress relief for me.

    Your sandwich looks tasty!

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    I actually find cleaning therapeutic if and only if I have nothing else to do. Which rarely happens so I don’t know if that counts. You know, as much as I love eggs, I have never had egg salad. Something I need to add to my list to try. I’m sure I would love it.

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    I only like some types of cleaning: laundry and vacuuming. That’s it. I hate everything to do with the kitchen and bathroom…but I do it anyways.

    When my husband and I first lived together while we were dating, he remarked how “it’s so strange how our toilet just doesn’t get that dirty. It always used to get so nasty when I lived with other dudes.” …Yeah, that’s because I was cleaning it!!! That’s one of my favorite [and most absurd] man stories. *Sigh*

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    I consider grocery shopping with a baby to be cardio, so I think cleaning qualifies too :)

    I got a rubbermaid reveal mop for christmas (exciting, I know) and it’s changed how I feel about cleaning kitchen floors. Although with the dog, it’s never clean for long….

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    I HATE cleaning, but I absolutely love the feeling afterwards. It’s pretty much like every workout for me. lol

    I used to totally blast the music when I was cleaning my bedroom as a kid, and I really miss it now that I live in an apartment. One day I will have a house and will blast it to my heart’s content!

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