I Wish for a Waffle Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! How are you feeling today?

I felt good, but made myself NOT run because my knee felt a little sore after yesterday’s 3 miler. Instead I did Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack and I’m going to YOGA! Finally. I’ve been avoiding it, but it’s one of my Mini-Goals for the week and I’m going right after I’m done with this post Smile

Since it’s Waffle Wednesday…


I had my waffles with PB and banana on one and sf syrup on the side. IMG_6763

Plus an iced coffee. This coffee we have right now is amazing! I have to gulp it down before I get to yoga so I don’t get chastised though.


I wish I had more waffles – these were my last two. Don’t mind the tongue swipes on the plate I was eating alone.


What do you wish? Just for fun – if you could go anywhere this weekend where would you go?

I wish I could go to the Cayman Islands because I have a craving for some fun snorkeling! A couple we met in Curacao said we have to snorkel there because it’s the best! Cayman-Islands-Stingray-City (1)



  1. says

    I do NOT want to go snorkeling this weekend, that’s fo’ sho. Mark and I went snorkeling on our honeymoon in Hawaii this past June, and they guides took us to a place waaaaay to deep. You’d look down and it was just pure darkness. It was super sketch and now even thinking about it freaks me out….BUT HAVE FUN! 😉

    I realllly want to go camping in North Georgia this weekend. I don’t think it’ll be hard to convince the man (or the pup).

  2. says

    Yay for Jillian and yoga!

    What do you wish? Just for fun – if you could go anywhere this weekend where would you go?

    Whenever I make a wish (on a star or whatever) I think “I wish to find happiness in whatever I do.” I got it from some really lame movie, but it seems like a pretty solid wish.

    If I could go anywhere this weekend I would head up north to the Humboldt redwoods. I haven’t been back there since I started running, and I’m pretty sure there is some AMAZING trail running up there.

  3. says

    I was just in Cayman this weekend!!!!! That place is PHENOMENAL. Read my recaps :) My friend Dan works as the captain of a sailboat down there that takes trips to Stingray City every day…if you ever make it there, let me know and ill get you the hook up 😉

  4. Valerie C. says

    mmm waffles :) I think they might fill me up better than pancakes..I’m a bottomless pit. Don’t get me started on crepes…mmm crepes.
    I would go to Japan!! I’m going to be studying abroad in China in a month but I would love to visit Japan.

    • Maren says

      I had never heard of crepes when I went to Ireland last March and they had them at this awesome farmer’s market in Howth and I saw them, but I never tried it…how dumb was I?! I want one right now.

  5. says

    That Jillian Michaels workout is no joke! HARD!!! Yoga sounds fun though and those waffles look amazing!

    Hmmm…if I could go anywhere this weekend – probably hop a flight to Miami Beach (that’s actually a line from a Billy Joel song :) ) with my hub and son to stay at the swanky hotel my brother works at in South Beach. We went there in October and had a blast!

  6. says

    if i could go ANYWHERE this weekend, i would probably go visit one of my bffs in nyc. i haven’t seen her since we graduated from college almost 3 years ago and i miss her to death! it would be AMAZING to see her for a couple days.

  7. says

    I tried to go snorkling on my honeymoon in Costa Rica, but as we were getting started, a huge yellow Moray eel was RIGHT NEXT TO MY FOOT. If you couldn’t tell, I freaked out and ran for shore. Luckily, my husband thought it was hilarious and wasn’t mad that I ruined our snorkeling adventure :)

  8. says

    Considering the fact that we’re hosting 8 girls for my daughter’s 9th birthday party sleepover this weekend, I’d pretty much rather be anywhere else! I wouldn’t mind a trip to the Cayman Islands.
    Your waffles look fantastic. I’m anti-nut butter on pancakes, but they’re perfectly acceptable on waffles. :)

  9. says

    I seriously need some waffles in my life. Maybe I will have a waffle Saturday…if I am lucky! Just wondering, how do you make your iced coffee??

    • says

      Normally I just pour coffee over ice with splenda or sugar and milk. Today I actually used the last of Ben’s hot coffee that he had sweetened and put it over ice. His is much better than the way I make it!

  10. says

    I absolutely love waffles with banana :) it seriously is the best breakfast :)
    good job on one of your weekly goals. Yoga always makes my week feel good. I feel like if I do yoga in the middle of the week it sets me up to finish strong the last few days of the week :) it’s like a boost!!!!

    If I could be anywhere, i would want to be in Hawaii or Fuji. Somewhere on a beach soaking in the sun and enjoying the moment.

  11. says

    Ugh, I LOVED snorkling on Oahu in Hanauma Bay. Its supposed to be the best place on the islands, wish I was back there! I would love to go somewhere where the water is deeper though so I dont have to worry about the coral!

  12. says

    Just about a year ago, I went snorkeling in Grand Cayman and it was one of the coolest experiences ever! I loved it! If I could go anywhere this weekend, somewhere warm, sunny, and at the beach. It’s in the 20s here in Michigan, so as long as I could have those conditions, I’d be thrilled!

  13. says

    Ah, I love waffles.. this post reminded me I should go buy some frozen ones. When I was little, I ate Eggos just about every day before school. 😉

    I wish I could go to FL this weekend, where my boyfriend is stationed (AF).. Granted I was literally just there Monday, but I still miss him like whoa.

    -Joelle (The Pancake Girl)

  14. says

    I want a beach now!! I would love to feel the warm sun beating down on my face and sink my feet into the warm sand…i am hoping that on this beach I either have a sitter watching the kids or I have left the kids at home. I don’t need a book or music..just me and Mr. Sunshine!!

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