Chip Crumbs

I don’t like chip crumbs. I always try to pick out the intact chips from the bag. This means I am often left with a bag full of chip crumbs and nothing to do with them.

IMG 6850 thumb Chip Crumbs

Okay, that’s not true. I make Chili Killers with them!

IMG 6856 thumb Chip Crumbs

Chili Killers or Chilaquilles = eggs cooked with tortillas or tortilla chips.

I cooked up some onion and chips in a sprayed pan. Then, added salsa, eggs and cheese.

IMG 6858 thumb Chip Crumbs

It’s Killer good wlEmoticon winkingsmile13 Chip Crumbs

IMG 6863 thumb Chip Crumbs

Served with beans and hot sauce. This is one of my Mexican Meatless favorites!

IMG 6865 thumb Chip Crumbs

Vegas wishes he had chili killers…

IMG 6872 thumb Chip Crumbs

I served it with a salad for some veggie power!

IMG 6879 thumb Chip Crumbs

My afternoon snack is a cantaloupe filled with cottage cheese. I remember my mom eating pineapple and cottage cheese when I was a kid. Now I’m all grow’d up like my mom, eating her faves wlEmoticon smile33 Chip Crumbs

IMG 6896 thumb Chip Crumbs

I’m trying to upload the latest Ask a Monican. It’ll be up tonight!


  1. says

    I love this idea! I, at any given time, have no less than 3 bags of tortilla chip crumbs in my cabinet. You cant get the right amount of salsa on the crumbs! Totally going to make this for breakfast tomorrow if I have a snow day!

  2. says

    I love chip crumbs! I will dig to the bottom of the bag to get them. We would make a good chip-eating team…although, with that recipe, you may not want to share your chip crumbs.

  3. says

    I just pour the chip crumbs into my mouth, but that’s a groovy idea, too! I had crushed pretzels once, and I used it to make peanut-butter-pretzel meatballs. :-)

      • says

        We are definitely food twins. And I’m so glad you think of me when you
        drink hot cocoa. PS – I’m eating ice cream out of the container right now
        which I know you’d approve of. ha

  4. says

    I always give the bag of chips over to my husband whenever all the giant pieces are gone. He just dumps them in his mouth. I like chips with dip, so I have no use for crumbs!

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