Pancake Sunday and Nutella


You know how some people live each day just waiting for Friday? Well, that’s how I feel about Sunday. Every week I count down the days until Sunday. Actually, let me be more specific – I count down the days until Pancake Sunday. It’s the best day of the week! Sunday used to be the only day of the week that Ben and I would sleep in. Then we would walk to the corner store to get … [Read more...]

I Can’t Keep Track


I can’t keep track of how many scoops of Peanut Butter I use while eating a banana. It’s a lot. But I've been noticing how much longer I stay full with loads of PB. I love it. Nor can I track how many salads I ate today. Oh wait, 2. It’s two… That was anti-climactic. Two is also the number of pizzas I ate this weekend (so far anyways). Last night’s mushroom and … [Read more...]