Mexican Meatless Monday for Lunch


Ahhh, I am currently obsessed with this refreshing beverage… Lemon Croix with extra lemon. Amaze. It’s time for another Mexican Meatless Monday. This time I’m enjoying this meal as lunch. Yesterday’s taco salad inspired me to use up some ingredients that were about to turn to the dark side and create a salad of my own. I originally planned on making a wet burrito … [Read more...]

Menu Planning Monday


Hello and Happy Monday! I started my little day with a 5.5 mile slow run. I don’t know why, but I had major “lead legs” today. Post run I headed straight for the kitchen to make breakfast. I stuffed half a cantaloupe with Pomegranate Chobani. It’s been so warm here I’ve been craving cold comfort foods like fruit and yogurt constantly! I got this menu planner pad over … [Read more...]

Sunday with Family


After breakfast Ben and I cleaned up, ran an errand and headed toward my mom’s. She lives about 45 minutes north of me. First we made a pit stop for lunch. There were no healthy options on the menu, so I went with a Taco Salad. Here’s to you Mr. Five Thousand Calorie taco salad guy. I think there’s lettuce in it… Anyone remember that “Real Men of Genius” Bud Light … [Read more...]