No Good Fruit

This morning Ben and I did a 20 minute run. Right now we’re doing 2 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking intervals. I’ll build him up as we go, but he’s doing really well!

Post run I did Jillian’s 6 week Six Pack.

Note: Since I am a distance runner and will soon start training for a full marathon in May I don’t really count these C25k runs as part of my training.

I was craving an egg sandwich like there ain’t nothing wrong.IMG 7223 thumb No Good Fruit Since I picked up this organic spinach the other day on super sale I threw it in a pan and sautéed it up with onions and eggs.IMG 7225 thumb No Good Fruit

On my plate: Egg sandwich with Laughing Cow cheese, cherries and half an orange.

IMG 7202 thumb No Good Fruit

The egg sandwich was a WINNER! I seriously considered making another one.

IMG 7216 thumb No Good Fruit

Unfortunately, the fruit was no bueno. Both the cherries and orange were tasteless and soggy.

IMG 7220 thumb No Good Fruit

Question: Do you like Valentine’s Day?

I have never been a huge fan of V-day, but I’m kind of excited this year. It’s random, but welcome.


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    Maybe this Valentine’s Day I’ll pick up drinking. The good thing abut being a runner is that it’s trained me to go out and order a meal for 2 and eat it by myself.

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    I love Valentine’s Day but not for the mushiness of it but totally for the consumer in me. I love all of the heart-themed things and making special treats for co-workers and friends. I am a singleton this year but still love passing on the warm feelings.

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    Just like you I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day but this year I am getting excited about it! I also think that it helps to have a 3 yr old who gets excited about every holiday!

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    I like valentines day! I think I am more excited abotu this year because it is our last one of being engaged, our next valentines we will be married :) so that is pretty exciting, so we wanna celebrate a little more special this year :)

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    Not a huge fan of V Day, but don’t mind it like some people probably do. I think last year we stayed at home and cooked a fun dinner. This is my 1st Valentine’s married but I’m not sure that makes me feel any different about it. Haha. Sometimes I fancy myself a romantic, but apparently not about Valentine’s day.

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    I was born without the sappy gene, so I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I do, however, like chocolate. But chocolate really is an all year kind of thing, so it’s a moot point.
    I tried to look for a valentine’s card for my husband, but they were all stupid or too mushy. I just couldn’t find one to give him that didn’t make me cringe or gag. I tried, though. And that’s more than I usually do.

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    I have never had a reason not to like it, but I have never had any exciting V-days in my past. Maybe that’s because my husband is always deployed over this holiday. Hmmm…I wonder why? Anyway, he is home this years so I am getting excited. I hope he doesn’t let me down :/

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    When I was little, in school, Valentines day was fun with all the little cards and candy…then by Middle school it was “eh”, never had a boyfriend or anything so “Eh”. High School, it stayed the same- though one year I got lots of stuff from my (guy)-best-friend. So I don’t think much about Valentines, except for how much Pink and heart shaped things are everywhere- and the fact that last year was Chinese New Years and Valentines rolled into one ^.^

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    I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day. My mom would get us donuts with pink frosting and make heart shaped pasta at night. My husband and I usually weren’t together on Valentine’s day, but he would always find a way to make it special. One year he bought my gift a month early when he was visiting home, hid it in my car, and didn’t tell me about it until Valentine’s day!

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    I am weird and dislike Valentine’s Day for no real reason but Andy and I always seem to celebrate it. No plans for this year yet, I need to think of something!

    I love Jillian’s 6 week 6 pack but dude. I WISH I could do side planks as good as she can!

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    I don’t like Valentine’s Day, but I have a valid reason: My father died on Valentine’s Day, 23 years ago this February. Yikes. I probably wouldn’t like it anyway. Such a commercial holiday.

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    Not a huge fan. I do spend the day with my husband, but it has never really felt like a holiday to me. It’s also my dad’s birthday, so it feels sorta like just another day.

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