Not My Cat


I found a cat that is NOT mine, but looks like Vegas’ twin in our patio today!!! My cat: Not my cat: That other cat caught my eye while Vegas was innocently sleeping on Ben’s his chair. This situation does make for some crazy wrong-cat-in-the-house switcharoo a la the crazy antics of I Love Lucy! Ben forget his wallet and cell phone at home and emailed me to bring … [Read more...]

An Ounce of Tempo


For my last 4 training plans I have written speed work and tempo runs into it, but NEVER end up doing them. I don’t like feeling uncomfortable speed repeats. But today I set out for a tempo run. It was rough because I’m not used to huffing and puffing on a run. I almost wanted to explain to passersby that I was not in fact dying, but trying to run faster. I’m sure that would … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Tuesday 1


One of the questions I get a lot is, “What are your Trader Joe’s must haves?” Luckily, I consider myself a professional shopper of sorts and TJ’s is my favorite! I met Joe in college right about the time I turned vegetarian. We have grown together through my exploration of veganism, chocolatism, lunch break shopping trips, pit stops after therapy appointments (ironically, … [Read more...]