Not My Cat

I found a cat that is NOT mine, but looks like Vegas’ twin in our patio today!!!

My cat: vegas outside

Not my cat:

stranger cat

That other cat caught my eye while Vegas was innocently sleeping on Ben’s his chair. This situation does make for some crazy wrong-cat-in-the-house switcharoo a la the crazy antics of I Love Lucy!

Vegas sleeping

Ben forget his wallet and cell phone at home and emailed me to bring them to him during lunch. We ended up at the Bone Fish Grill, a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while! IMG_7325

It is seriously amazing here today!!! LOVE it. We sat outside until our food was about to be blown away and decided to move. IMG_7318

Ben got some clam chowder to start and I stole a bite. It was good, but this isn’t soup weather Smile

clam chowder

The view over his shoulder was gorgeous too. The poles distract, but it’s a clear day and you can see straight to the mountains.

Orange County

I ordered the Mahi Mahi cajun style. It comes with either rice or fries (they have brown rice too!), but Ben urged me to get the sweet potato fries and I agreed on the condition that he would he most of them.Bone Fish Grill mahi mahi He kept of his end of the bargain and I got to enjoy a few without overdoing it Smile

Bone Fish Grill sweet potato fries

After I took him back to work I went to Walmart to return the camera I got for my mom for Christmas (she got another one she prefers). It was unopened, unused but they would NOT take it back. They said I am past the 15 day return limit for digital cameras. This is true, but I offered to take the sale price or whatever they could do to work with me and they refused. I called customer service, explained my situation and offered to take a discounted amount back on the camera, but they couldn’t help me either. Needless to say I am very upset and will not be doing business with them again.

I’m going to try and sell it on Craigslist… boo.


  1. says

    Oh… Wal-Mart has a really strict return policy. They definitely do not care about the customer’s situation. Even Target can be a bit picky now too because they just recently changed their policy.

    Sorry about your situation. I’m sure someone will buy a brand new camera through Craig’s List. Anyways.. what kind of camera is it??

  2. MikeC says

    I can kind of understand why they are hard nosed about their return policy. I saw someone trying to return a car sun screen (the kind that clips on a car windows to protect a baby from the sun while driving). It was the fall, they had bought it in the spring and their only reason was that they no longer needed it, summer was over. People tend to try to use Wal-Mart like a lending library instead of a store. I know people that would go to Hawaii, buy swim gear (snorkels, fins, etc) the day they arrived and then return them just before they left for home. It just take a few people to ruin something for everyone.

    • says

      Yeah, I dislike when people take advantage of returns and it ruins it for the rest of us :( This camera was totally unopened / unused and a Christmas gift so I thought they’d understand. Boo.

  3. says

    That’s crappy. I’ve had bad experiences at various places and I won’t return to shop there if they treat me badly.

    For example…the bf bought a bike pump at REI. We had over a year and a piece broke–we went back and they replaced it with a new one at no cost to us. No grief. Didn’t need a receipt. We’d had it a YEAR and they replaced it! That’s awesome! That made me want to buy all of my stuff there!

  4. says

    Bad customer service is horrible!

    I had a similar experience with j.crew. My MIL got me a coat that didn’t look right so I went to return it – apparently they have a 30 day return policy that they “extended” till January 15th. I went on the 16th.

    They did give me a refund – minus 40% – even though I had the gift receipt.

    Hello – I didn’t get it until the 25th and then we’ve had such horrible weather it was the first time I could get to the mall. I will never buy anything from J.crew again.

  5. says

    Try selling it on Amazon. Especially because it’s never been opened you can sell it as used. You don’t even have to write up a description or take pics of it, just go to the posting with the same make and model of the you have and say you want to sell one of your own. Amazon takes a cut, but it’s less sketchy and work than Craigslist.

    My bday and Christmas are 2 days apart and I sell back all my doubles (DVDs, books, cds) on Amazon rather than dealing with the returns at evil stores (like walmart).

  6. says

    That’s so weird! Walmart used to take anything back, even if it could have technically been bought anywhere. They must have changed their policies. I really hate Walmart. But I would really love to experience your weather. Wanna do a house swap until mid March? 😉

  7. says

    I know this might sound silly, but try taking it to a different Walmart. The one near me has a fairly strict return policy, requires receipts on everything, no bending rules, etc. The one 25 minutes from me in another town? I’ve taken things back there that I bought the previous year. I wouldn’t try that with electronics, but I *have* returned electronics to them without a receipt before and just told them that “I got it as a gift. They told me where they got it, but I don’t have a receipt.” They won’t give cash back, but they’ll give store credit. You’re annoyed with the store so it’s probably not worth your effort now and Craigslist will probably do, but it’s nice to know for future reference.

    • says

      Yeah, it’s a little warmer than usual right now. We don’t get seasons, but it does get cold in the winter (well it’s cold to me) and hot in the summer. But no snow or anything :)

  8. says

    I second Jessi’s recommendation to try a different WalMart (and then never shop there again)!

    The weather in CA has been INCREDIBLE lately! I’ve been so happy :) I have to keep reminding myself that it’s still January and probably won’t last, but it’s been SO nice.

  9. says

    Yeah Wal-Mart realized that were getting taken advantage of with their old return policies so instead they swung completely the other way and now have decided to basically screw everyone over! So sorry that you are having to deal with that. I hope you’re able to sell it!

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