Confession Thursday– Taco Stuffers

I am writing this as I eat a Deep Chocolate Vitatop, but at least I had a healthy and balanced lunch first! Now it’s time for some confessions:

Confession #1: I didn’t have a lot of tofu in my leftover stirfry… lunch stir fry

…so what it lacked in soy protein I made up for in fat via peanuts! Sometimes a “sprinkle” gets confused with a “man handful”.

peanuts on stir fry

Confession #2: I do not like baby corn. Gross. So I always have to pick them out of my Asian veggie mix. Normally I would put them on Ben’s plate, but he wasn’t here. His loss?

Boo to baby corn

Confession #3: I found the Black Cherry Chobani at Target last night and it took all my effort not to encourage my fellow shoppers to get some too. I wanted to be like, “Hey! This is a really big deal in the Greek yogurt obsessed food blog world!”

I’m considering buying a ton of scalping them outside stores that don’t carry Chobani. Who needs a real job when you’re a go-getter like that?!


Confession #4: If I’m wearing make up (which isn’t often lately), there is a 95% chance I put it on in the car…


So at this point I’m putting on make up in the car and taking a picture of myself while doing it. Before my mom gets mad let me say that I was at a stop light (rrrrright).


Confession #5: Deep Chocolate Vitatops are sold at the Tustin Costco. I bought them. The confession part of this is I also talked a complete stranger into buying them too. His kids will thank me later. Vitalicious seriously needs to sponsor me for all the sales I give them (and I’m just talking about the fact that I eat like 3 a day).

Vitatops at Costco

Confession #6: Sometimes I take Costco samples for later. Or the car ride home. Either way.

Costco samples

Confession #7: A year ago today I had to wear ear muffs, gloves, wool socks, long sleeves and a huge vest to run. So I am seriously basking in the fact that I’m back in California. Home is where the heart is <3IMG_7392

Confession #8: I almost bought these veggie crumbles just because of the name. Taco Stuffers! And they’re on sale if you get three. But, I don’t know if I can handle three Taco Stuffers Winking smile

Taco Stuffers

Confession #9: I bought my summer bikini today!!! I’m excited that I tracked down my size after hitting up 2 Targets, but I’m not excited about actually trying it on. Boo. Wait, I should say “tracking down my sizes” as the bottoms are XL and the top is a M. Baby got back even if she doesn’t want it. Target bikini

Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    yes! love it!
    I always try to talk people into buying stuff too! I don’t want them to miss out on something they might never know about!!

    I also HATE those baby corn. They freak me out!!

  2. Lisa says

    I pick out baby corn and cooked carrots from frozen veggie mixes. I like raw carrots, but cooked – ew. The bigger issue may be that I try to pick them out as the food is cooking and often burn my fingers!

  3. kati says

    I’m glad to know someone else has the same trouble of having to mix and match bathing suit sizes and going to multiple target stores to track them down! Cute suit though!

  4. says

    I NEED to try that chobani flavor ASAP!!!

    I always talk people around me into buying the things i’m buying… I’m passionate about the food i eat! I’ve talked everyone i know and tons of random people into buying chobani!

  5. says

    I need to go into your hood and buy some black cherry chobani. I’m driving to San Diego after the thing on Saturday. I might have to do it! I can’t find it around here.

  6. says

    this post made me laugh! whenever i take self portraits (or any pictures really) in the car, i feel like i’m being so bad!

    i confess that i wish i would have been there are lunch today to steal your baby corn. i love it!

  7. says

    Ahh.. I wish I could find those flavors of Chobani where I live! I can only find plain, blueberry, honey, and vanilla. And that’s on a good day at the store, haha.My confession is that I have been a cheap-skate lately and won’t invest in Greek Yogurt even though I know the price difference is worth it’s nutritional value over regular yogurt!

  8. alicia says

    “Baby got back even if she doesn’t want it.”

    why wouldnt you want it?!!!?!? i feel you on that though, i’m a S on top and a L on the bottom, haha!

  9. says

    Okay, I hate baby corn with a passion too, I love love love that Costco sells Vitatops (I’m an addict…!), And I really love the cute suit you got! I just ordered a brand new suit via victorias secret…ah!! can’t wait for it to come!

  10. says

    I WISH I had back. I can’t sit for very long because there is zero padding back there! Now if only I could convince my stomach to migrate that way…

    Back when I could eat VitaMuffins I could only eat one a day. I way overdid it on vitamins and fiber otherwise, lol!

    I seriously want to try that black cherry Chobani! Their other two new flavors don’t appeal to me at all, not that I’ve seen them either.

  11. says

    My Confession is a very sad one that really irritates me!!
    I have NEVER had a Vita Muffin or a Vita Top!!!!! I have been stationed overseas for over 5 years and NO ONE will ship them out to P.O boxes, and the Air Force Commissary will not order them for me. AHHHHHH! I want one slabbed with Peanut butter like I always see on your site. I will have to get my Parents-In-Law to figure out where they are sold in Wisconsin so when we visit for 3 weeks in April (before going back overseas-to Germany) I can enjoy and then hopefully stash some in my luggage 😉

  12. says

    Confession #3 entails a really, really smart business idea. And go ahead, shout! Let your Greek flag fly. 😉 Hope you enjoyed the Black Cherry!

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