Jogger Warning

Today Ben and I did Day 2 / Week 2 of his C25K training. I felt happy to have a running partner this morning because a jogger was attacked Tuesday night around my neighborhood.

Local warning: A female jogger was pushed into the bushes on Alicia Parkway in Laguna Hills around 7pm. If you want the full story or to see a sketch of the attacker please click here.

Just a reminder to be extra careful while running alone.

Safe Running Tips:

1. Run in a well lit, high traffic area. Don’t be alone in desolate places.

2. Carry Pepper spray.

2 1/2. Know how to use the Pepper spray.

3. Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you should be back.

4. Keep the volume on your head phones low so you can hear someone coming up one you. Better yet, don’t use them in the dark.

5. Scream and fight if you are ever attacked. The jogger that was assaulted Tuesday was able to get away because she fought and refused to let the attacker move her to a more desolate area.

6. Find a running group or run with your dog.

7. Trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling about a place or person when you’re running – get away.

Please pass these tips on to fellow outdoors exercisers. And add your own safety tips in the comments.

Post 2 mile walk/run I made an egg scramble for breakfast. Steamy!

eggs for breakfast

I was going to make a sandwich, but I didn’t put enough eggs in and it wouldn’t stay together. egg scramble with ketchup

But that’s fine because I was able to slather my english muffin with PB&J and cream cheese and jam. So.good.

english muffin

LOVE this meal, plus it’s BFL friendly! Win win. Win. Body for life breakfast

Please add your own safety tips in the comments.


  1. says

    that’s scary! i agree with number four. if you’re going to run with music, keep it low or in one ear only. that’s also for the safety of being on the road. you wanna be aware of your surroundings!

  2. says

    This is a tip I picked up from another runner and have been using lately. I usually leave for my run before my husband gets home from work in the afternoon. I map my route on Google Maps or, leave the map up on my computer screen, and leave him a note with what time I left. That way, when he gets home he knows how far I was planning to run and how long I have been gone. If anything is fishy (like I’ve been gone way too long for the route I had planned), he knows exactly WHERE I am running. Makes us both feel a lot better about me running alone!

  3. says

    Carry a cell phone! My BF won’t let me leave for a run unless I have mine with me. Yes, it can be cumbersome to carry, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  4. says

    Scary! Thanks for the reminder that we need to be safe!

    I work in law enforcement and so I am hyper sensitive to my surroundings at all times. A tad paranoid? Perhaps. But it’s necessary. I run and walk with headphones but the music is so low I can hear everything around me!

  5. says

    I heard about the attack on the radio last night and said a quiet “thank you” that it wasn’t someone I knew. When you work late (as I occasionally do), it’s not unusual to be walking/running in the dark and, while I used to feel very safe doing so, lately I’ve been more aware of the fact that there are lots of places for someone to hide on the route I walk. Thanks for the tips – I’ll definitely implement.

  6. says

    I am seriously the most paranoid runner ever. I always think people are going to attack me… I have almost vomited from sprinting away sketchy people… Like several times. I have problems. Anyway, my tip is to do speed work, so you’re faster than all those scary people out there. That is, possibly, the worst running or safety tip I’ve ever given. You’re welcome.

  7. says

    You should also wear bright colors don’t wear dark colors!
    Also let people (your husband, parents, friends etc) know when you are running and your estimated time when you would be back.
    Give your husband etc your route so they know where to find if something happens
    Always carry your phone
    Always have ID on you!!
    Carry a gun! (No, maybe, is that just me ;)) If i could, i’m pretty sure my fiance would want me carrying a gun!
    Never get to comfortable with your surroundings always be on guard and change your running route every few days!

    those are my helpful tips :) Be safe!!!!!!!!

    Your breakfast looks so yummy :)

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    There was this show once on Lifetime about people who survived scary situations and one was a jogger who was attacked and about to be raped and she started peeing on the attacker when he started getting close and it saved her life.

    • says

      At a previous job, I was told if attacked overseas to pee and if possible defecate on my attacker. Also, if they try to rape you scream “I have AIDS” Don’t know if that actually works, I usually can’t defecate on command anyways :)

  9. says

    I used to be alot worst about night running. I would sometimes go for a run between 9-11pm or sometimes 12 at night !!! I live in a nice and very busy/safe neighborhood of Chicago, but I mean even so, late night running is dangerous. I can’t believe I did that. I guess I still had that ‘child like” mentality and feared nothing. Nowadays, I complete runs in daylight or early evening, always have my phone with me, and tell my fam or boyfriend where I am going. You just never know these days!!

  10. Ida says

    Great tips. I think number 7 is the most important- be vigilant while you run, if something looks off it probably is. Move to the other side of the street, or change routes. Also don’t listen to music so loudly that you cant hear what’s going on around you.

  11. says

    I run in the morning before the sun even comes up, but my run usually ends by at least, 6:50, so it’s out by then. I tend to makeit some my run is in the “safer” areas earlier, then as the sun starts to come out, I go into other areas. In places that make me nervous, I tend to wear my brighter clothes- I just bought a dri-fit neon green sleeveless shirt a few weeks ago. One time thought, when I was on a bike trail next to the uh..IDK, where the bridge crosses from Pico to Montebello, that waterway XP. So, I”m running along, and up ahead I see two guys walk out from the bushes up ahead of me onto the road. They’re walking the same way I’m going, so they either didn’t see me,or don’t care, either way, I turn right back around and run the other way after I see them! Still, when I pass that place where I saw them, I’m more cautious.

  12. says

    Great tips! That is really scary. There was a girl that was kidnapped and murdered while running about 15 minutes away from me. Ugh.
    I probably keep my music on too loud when I run….trying to drown out my panting. :) I’ll keep it turned down from now on.

  13. says

    I bought pepper spray and I’m so glad I did. I have never had to use it (thankfully) but it makes me feel so much better knowing I have it. Another item that I’ve heard some people carry is a whistle. It’s good for letting people know there is trouble but it also scares animals (if you’re running in rural areas or an unfriendly dog approaches you).

    I never run after dark unless I’m with someone else either.

    The most important thing is be AWARE. Know what’s around you, know where you’re going, listen and pay attention. Your instincts are your best defense.

  14. says

    Yikes! I refuse to run in the dark anymore. I never go at night but I’ll also never wake up and run in the dark morning anymore. I also have pepper spray :) My mom bought me a 3 piece pack- one for your keys, one for your car, and one for next to your bed. If anyone even looks at me on a run, I have my finger ready to spray!

  15. Bill says

    Sorry I’m a bit late to comment on that post and I really think it’s a shame that some people give up running (or run less) because of some maniacs.

    Your advices sound pretty good, but please let me comment on number 6:
    if you take your dog, I beg of you to take care of him so he can’t go and annoy other runners. It sounds obvious, but isn’t in practice…

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