Making Peace With Food


It’s been less than a month that I started eating chicken again. But in this short time I have made huge strides with Intuitive Eating! Eating more protein has really helped me be aware of my hunger and fullness. Also, now that I have meat on my radar I’ve been having cravings for random things. Like today I had a crazy need to eat hard boiled eggs! So, I made a batch and had … [Read more...]

Feed Me Friday


And by feed me I mean, “Give me a drink!” I didn’t realize, but I’m going to miss my usual long run day because of an event I’m attending tomorrow morning. So, I had to do 8  miles this morning (I have another half marathon next weekend!).  This is probably one of my last shorter long runs before I start training for my next marathon!!! It’s hot here! This is … [Read more...]

Thai Food At Home


Ben and I share a deep, passionate love… for Thai food But I have always thought I couldn’t cook it. I’m not familiar with the usual spices in Thai cuisine so I stick to restaurants. Well, that was until I attempted Tom Kha Gai for the Project Food Blog thing. (It’s a totally easy recipe if you wanna try Thai.) Tonight I was super close to stopping by our favorite Thai place … [Read more...]