Thai Food At Home

Ben and I share a deep, passionate love… for Thai food Smile

But I have always thought I couldn’t cook it. I’m not familiar with the usual spices in Thai cuisine so I stick to restaurants. Well, that was until I attempted Tom Kha Gai for the Project Food Blog thing. (It’s a totally easy recipe if you wanna try Thai.)

Tonight I was super close to stopping by our favorite Thai place after school, but decided to give it another whirl at home. Since I had basil leaves and leftover ground turkey I looked up a recipe for Thai Basil Chicken. I used this for inspiration, but really did my own thing.

It came out amazing too! But, my rice noodles stuck together a lot so I had to add extra oil to them. It was a little greasy, but that kind of made it better…

Thai Basil Chicken

Tuesday I shared what I bought from Trader Joes. Today I’ll show you what I got from Whole Foods…


Wait, what is that?!IMG_7400

A cat!IMG_7404
Talk about fresh! This piece of meat is still crawling around. Better than organic. my cat in a bag

Now I’m snuggling up with some cherries, hot cocoa and Idol… cherries

See ya in the morning Smile


  1. says

    My favorite type of food has gotta’ be Thai…so good! (I think that little extra oil does make it better sometimes!) Also love WHOLE FOODS!! (and seeing what other people buy there!) So glad I found your blog, I’m a newb. to writing and commenting on blogs I love:)

  2. Ella says

    My cat loves to go in the grocery bags as well! Seriously she will just ignore us for hours, sitting inside her bag, even when we’re sitting on the couch where she would usually come to cuddle. Crazy cats.

  3. says

    Ugh, I’m so jealous of your cherries. You know what produce is really good here? Nothing except overpriced little clementines with ridiculous names like “Cutie”. I need to move to FL or CA where fruit is good year round :)

  4. Kate says

    Really fun entry! I have the same issue with Target bathing suit bottoms–I don’t know who they make the “smalls” for! They run soo small. I laughed at your self-pic at the stop light. Wonder what the cars next to you thought 😉

  5. says

    I’ll admit it. Cooking asian food at home scares me. I have never tried (besides stir fry, but really, that doesn’t count).

    I love how much cats love bags…slightly annoying though. Hours of entertainment for a BAG when they have a very expensive super exciting cat condo.

  6. says

    My cat, Frida, loves playing in our brown bags too! :) It’s so cute, isn’t it?

    mmmm, Thai food is my absolute favorite cuisine. Hands down.

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