Be Fit and Pain Free Event


Hello! I was scheduled to do some kind of work out at the event I attended this morning, but I wasn’t sure what. So, I fueled up with an egg sandwich before heading out. The inside had laughing cow cheese and polka dot ketchup   Plus a jug of iced coffee for the long drive to LA! I keep forgetting I live in Orange County until I try to go somewhere in Los Angeles and … [Read more...]

Not Funny


I very recently got off hormonal BC to try and attempt the Lady Comp (for those that don’t know it’s a natural method that tracks your body temp). After years and years of BC, where I went years without seeing my little friend, getting my period again is a whole new (and highly unwelcomed) world. I seriously hadn’t had it in so long I needed “the talk” again. So, all this … [Read more...]