Easy Mexican. Tortilla Soup.


I’ve been accused of being easy and I’ve been accused of being Mexican. Technically, both of those are true. Proof: I’m representing my Hispanic heritage here… and here, I’m dressed like a little hussy. I can’t believe my mom let me go out of the house like that! Anyways, I am all about easy, healthy recipes. If there’s a spice I don’t have in my pantry or if I have to chop … [Read more...]

Back On The Bike


It’s been almost a year since I rode my bike! I think the last time I went was in March when we were in Maryland. (I love that I can look back on things I’ve done via the blog.) Honestly, I’ve always been really bad at bike riding. I’m shaky and paranoid and just not good overall. So, I was scared that I forgot how to ride my bike Luckily, Ben was patient and we started off … [Read more...]

Guacamole and Dirty Hair, But not Guac in your hair


After the Salonpas event this morning I stopped by my mom’s on the way home. She lives a bit north of me, so it was on the way When I got there I raided her fridge, per usual. I made a random bowl of green beans, chicken, beans salsa and GUACAMOLE. I also spent some time blogging and making love to this ridiculously huge bowl of guacamole. We don’t mess around. Her avocado … [Read more...]