This Time With Kale


I had an undocumented apple while running errands mid-morning and then tried to hit the books and blogs for work stuff. Today’s lunch was my same-o big salad with a sandwich on the side. Since I have a bunch of ripe avocados, I used that for “spread” instead of my usual hummus. The only thing that beats a ripe avocado is a free ripe avocado. I’m very grateful that my … [Read more...]

Motivation and Mini-Goals Monday


Hello and Happy Monday! This week is jam packed full of exciting stuff – including a trip to Boston Since it’s been colder than usual here in SoCal I’ve been more reluctant to get out of bed. So, last night I threw my running clothes on the floor near the heater (not too close as I didn’t want to have to jump out of bed and out of my house because of a fire!). And this … [Read more...]

Mission San Juan Capistrano Visit


Ben and I fueled up before our mission to the mission with guacamole and a side of other random things…but believe it when I say guac was the main event I don’t know if schools do this throughout the U.S., but in California you learn about all the Spanish Missions of California in 4th grade. I fondly remember making a model of a mission – it was the biggest project of my … [Read more...]

More Mango


I didn’t take a picture of last night’s dinner (Ben’s leftover diner sandwich and zucchini fries), but I did capture the best snack ever. This is a bowl of Mango Chobani with fresh cut mango, granola and candied pecans. I don’t know how I’m ever going to go back to eating plain ol’ snacks after this winner! Apparently, Vegas had a rough night because he was hitting the … [Read more...]

Me, Matt and Mamma Chia


After my long run and some quality refueling, Matt (my little bro) and I headed to Borders. Since my favorite location is going out of biz I wanted to scoop up some deals on discount books. I spent an hour walking around the store and ended up with the biggest haul of books in my arms! Then, we headed to the line. It was ridiculous. I was hungry and didn’t want to make Matt … [Read more...]

15 Great Miles


I had the best run all year (well, the best after the AZ half) today! I did 15 miles in 2:11:10 and felt really great the whole time! I don’t know why it was so speedy, but I’ll take it! I ate my same pre-run breakfast – english muffin with PB&J and iced coffee. I woke up to a very drizzly, gloomy day. I was not excited to get out and run in that weather so I took my … [Read more...]

My Uniform


I literally had 10 minutes to make and eat lunch in between boot camp and meeting with the PT. So, I heated up my tempeh stir-fry from a few days ago. It’s like a hot salad – tons of veggies, sauce and tempeh all mixed up Only a few miles south on the free-way I pass the most beautiful hills and then see the ocean. Love love love. After my meeting I came home and put on … [Read more...]

Same-o Same-o


Happy Friday! I loved my breakfast from Wednesday so much I did it again today! Sometimes I feel like I change it up so I won’t bore you, but I am a creature of habit and actually love to eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyone else like that? I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ll probably be run eat repeat-ing my favorite meals more because I’m getting … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican has bags under her eyes…


It’s true. Sad, but true. Ask a Monica 8 Questions: 1. Did you always like your red hair? 2. When are you getting knocked up? 3. What’s up with the Bodybugg? My afternoon snack was more amazing cereal. It’s exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, only easier to justify. Told you I shouldn’t have bought that cereal. At least it will be gone by tomorrow. And by “gone” I mean … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday: Pickles and Popcorn


Confession #1: I am not pregnant. I just happened to crave popcorn and pickles for lunch today. Confession #2: I shared my salmon with Vegas. I’ll probably leave this can on the floor long enough to make most of you uncomfortable. Oh well. Confession #3: I like dogs more than I like cats. Don’t tell Vegas. Actually, this is a confession post – I’ll tell him myself … [Read more...]

8.5 Hours Later


I feel so much better after 8 1/2 hours of sleep! I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed. I was going to skip a run today in favor of some strength training, but I had way too much energy. I ended up running 4.5 miles and felt great the whole time! It must have been all that cereal carb-loading I did in the afternoon. Oops! Note: I wasn’t in love with the Love Crunch … [Read more...]

Wacked Out Wednesday


Ben and I are in trouble. We went one night without sleep and were both complete messes today. We fought about coffee this morning, both snacked needlessly in the afternoon and now want to go to sleep at 7pm! When we have babies the likelihood of divorce and/or death is pretty high. Speaking of, I think babies need to hire a PR firm and do some social media, because I’m not … [Read more...]

Donut Holes and Detox


Last night’s lack of sleep inspired me to make a trip to the Whole Foods Juice Bar today for a pick-me-up. My favorite one is the “Detox”. (I sometimes get questions on good juices – I think picking one of their set combinations is always a safe bet.) I always request the wheatgrass on the side, but they forgot this time. Oh well, couldn’t taste it. I walked around WF … [Read more...]



Last night we cracked the sliding glass door a little bit while we watched TV to let Vegas out. He likes to sit on the patio and monitor the neighborhood. A little while later he came back… And a little  after that – another cat walked into our place! This is the third time this stray black cat has had the balls to walk into out house, smell around, take a bite of Vegas’ food … [Read more...]

Dealing With Defeat


When I was in fourth grade I got cut from the volleyball team and lost the student council election on the same day. I remember it like it was yesterday, the pain is still palpable.  Our teacher announced the student council election winners losers mid-day. Then, I headed to volleyball try-outs after school where I was promptly given the second kick to the ribs in one day. … [Read more...]

TJ’s Tuesday and Taco Tuesday


Lunch was courtesy of Trader Joe’s. Well, not courtesy as in they paid for it, but courtesy as in I keep plugging them on RER and get absolutely nothing in return. Wait. I did recently get a form “thanks no thanks” email when I contacted them and suggested they build up their social media by employing me. Oh well… Three ingredients: tempeh, peanut sauce and stir-fry veggies.  … [Read more...]